Square-Tailed Nightjar

Introduction: Square-tailed nightjars (Caprimulgus fossii) get their name from a German naturalist called W Fosse who first collected this bird in Gabon. They roost in the day on the ground in the shade of trees, long grass and bush, usually singly or in pairs in a largely open, sandy habitat with woodland or scrub.

Distribution: Northern Namibia such as Etosha National Park, Epupa Falls and the Caprivi. Absent from Namib Desert.

Diet: Beetles, butterflies and a variety of insects.

Description: So-called because of their characteristic square-tail feature, noticeable in flight.

Breeding: Solitary nesters, females laying 1 or 2 eggs, incubated for a period of 15 days.

Size: 25cm.

Weight: 60g.

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