Spotted Eagle Owl

Introduction: Spotted eagle owls (Bubo africanus) have a wide habitat range that includes desert to forest, grassland, open scrub, low rocky ridges. Trees for nesting and roosting can be up to 2km apart. Bathes and drinks regularly at available water sources, although can survive without water. Carries ticks.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia. They are resident in many towns and cities such as Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Diet: Captures insects and bats on an aerial sortie, swallowing them at communal roosting sites. Hunts mainly at dusk and at night for hares, bushbabies, falcons, francolins and fruit bats. Small insects taken include snails, crabs, millipedes, large poisonous snakes, moths, mole-rats, dead fish and carrion.

Description: Medium-sized to large owl with strong legs, feet and bills. Rising and falling mellow hoot.

Breeding: Nests are scraped on flat surfaces. Females lay between 1 and 6 eggs in any month except for March. Incubation periods are around 30 days.

Size: 45cm.

Weight: 700gm.

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