Rufous-Cheeked Nightjar

Introduction: Rufous-cheeked nightjar (Caprimulgus rufigena) favour most types of habitat less for true desert. Habitats include woodland edges and clearings and open woodland. Roosts in shade on ground under bush, long grass or tree and drinks while skimming over the water.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia but absent from Namib Desert. Fairly common throughout range.

Diet: Hunts from the ground in open woodland and around artificial light at waterholes for beetles, moths and butterflies.

Description: Rufigena is the Latin phrase for 'red cheeks'.

Breeding: Only 1 or 2 eggs are laid in a shallow depression in rough soil from September to March. Incubation periods are around 16 days.

Size: 24cm.

Weight: 55g.

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