Freckled Nightjar

Introduction: Freckled nightjars (Caprimulgus tristgma) are difficult to spot by day due to their excellent camouflage on exposed rock or amongst vegetation in their favoured habitats of bare granite, Karoo sandstone, escarpments, ravines and along dry, rocky riverbeds.

Distribution: Caprivi, Epupa Falls, Etosha National Park and scattered populations extending south to the Orange River and Fish River Canyon. Absent from coastal regions and the Namib Desert.

Diet: Forages at dusk and dawn and on moonlit nights for flying insects, beetles and moths.

Description: Tristgma is the Latin word for '3 marks' which refers to (up to) 3 irregular patches on the scapulars (specific wing markings).

Breeding: A single pair of freckled nightjars breed together for at least 4 seasons. They are territorial, solitary nesters with females laying 2 eggs on successive days in a natural hollow on bare rock with wind-blown debris and stone chips acting as a nest.

Size: 28cm.

Weight: 80g.

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