Fiery-Necked Nightjar

Introduction: Fiery-necked nightjars (Caprimulgus pectoralis) inhabit healthy woodlands and gardens and plantations, environments that provide dense leaf litter for nesting and roosting requirements. They are active at dawn, dusk and on moonlit nights, roosting under bush or thicket.

Distribution: Absent from most of the drier regions of the country but can be observed in Etosha.

Diet: Insects, spiders and seeds. Drinks in flight by dipping their bill into water in flight.

Description: Pectoralis is Greek for 'of the breast'.

Breeding: Females lay 1 or 2 eggs in a depression in the ground, under shade, usually in dense woodlands. Incubation periods are around 19 days. Eggs and chicks often fall to grass fires or are trampled on by livestock and preyed upon by mongooses, baboons and snakes.

Size: 24cm.

Weight: 52g.

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