African Barred Owlet

Introduction: African barred owlets (Glaucidium capense) can be observed in a habitat of tall, open woodland along flooplains, hill slopes and watercourses. They are mainly active during the night, but at times can be seen during the day.

Distribution: Scattered populations in north and central Namibia including Etosha National Park and the Caprivi.

Diet: Insects such as grasshoppers, scorpions, millipedes, crickets and caterpillars. Takes small vertebrates including dormice and birds the size of the African hoopoe and black-headed oriole.

Description: Often confused with the smaller headed pearl-spotted owlet.

Breeding: The African Females usually lay 3 eggs in a natural tree cavity lined with leaves and feathers. Incubation periods are about 30 days and nestlings are fed food such as caterpillars.

Size: 20cm.

Weight: 115g.

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