Kalahari Scrub-Robin

Introduction: Kalahari scrub-robins (Cercotrichas paena) spend much of their time singly or in pairs around stock watering points and cattle dips where spiders frequent piles of dung. Open sandveld with scattered trees is greatly favoured, as the elevated perches and bare ground are important requirements for feeding opportunities.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia less for the Namib Desert. More common in the Kalahari sands than in other regions.
Diet: Forages on the ground and around bushes for termites and ants, beetles, grasshoppers and spiders.

Description: A small robin, noted for its animated tail movements. Mimics a wide variety of birds, usually with a variable series of repetitive whistles and chirps. Paena is a Tswana name for this bird.

Breeding: From 2 to 4 eggs are laid from July to January and incubated by the female for around 13 days.

Size: 16cm.

Weight: 20g.

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