Shalow's Turaco

Introduction: Schalow's turaco (Tauraco schalowi) is named after the German author and ornithologist Hermann Schalow (1852-1925). They inhabit lowland evergreen forest and dense woodland and are resident and sedentary in the distribution range.

Distribution: Zambezi River Valley west of Victoria Falls near Katima Mulilo.

Diet: Forages in forest canopy and understory for leaf and flower buds and fruits.

Description: Distinctive, loud call. Glossy, green plumage with impressive crests and red flight feathers. Tauraco is a native west African name.

Breeding: Nests are made in trees with 1 or 2 rounded oval, dull white eggs with an incubation period of around 22 days.

Size: 45cm.

Weight: 300g.

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