Striped Crake

Introduction: Because striped crakes (Aenigmatolimnas marginalis) are secretive and creep away through grass if they are disturbed, they are difficult to observe in their preferred habitat of seasonally inundated grassland with marsh grasses. Will climb grass tufts to bask in the early morning sunshine though.

Distribution: Aenigmatolimnas (Gr): In the 'puzzling pools or lakes' of Etosha, Kaudom Game Park.

Diet: Chases flying insects. Eats earthworms, small snails, grasshoppers, flies, spiders, beetles, small fish and tadpoles.

Description: Marginalis is Latin for 'marginal, of the edges' referring to the pale-edged feathers. Often confused with African crake. A rather silent bird often heard only in the evening.

Breeding: Between 3 and 5 eggs are laid in either February or March, laid at 24hr intervals and incubated by the male.

Size: 20cm.

Weight: 50g.

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