Red-Chested Flufftail

Introduction: In Namibia the red-chested flufftail (Sarothrura rufa) can be found in marshy, swamp and vlei type habitats as well as ponds and dams. They are most active in the early morning and late afternoon in pairs or in family groups, keeping within thick cover, or perching crosswise on twigs. Other features include sunbathing for short periods, swimming and roosting at dusk. Red-chested flufftails occasionally fly into windows and walls at night. More often than not, the windows and walls win.

Distribution: North-eastern Namibia.

Diet: Forages in mud and shallow water for worms, spiders, termites and ants.

Description: A small compact bird with short, rounded wings and a slender bill. Rufa is Latin for red. Sarothrura is Greek for 'a broom or brush-shaped tail'.

Breeding: Between 2 or 3 oval, white eggs are laid between August and May. Rats, mice and flooding are their 3 main enemies.

Size: 16cm.

Weight: 37g.

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