Northern Black Korhaan

Introduction: The northern black korhaan (Afrotis afraoides) are fairly common and widespread in Namibia, found in a number of habitats including Kalahari sandveld, dry grassland, grassy dunes and open savannah. Solitary creatures, they are noted for preening, sunning and head-scratching behaviour.

Distribution: Etosha, central highlands, Kalahari Desert, Tsumkwe.

Diet: Pecks close to the ground as it walks, often breaking into a run to catch flying insects. Eats beetles, grasshoppers, ants and worms, small reptiles, vegetation and butterflies.

Description: Small bustards with black bellies and distinctive aerial displays combined with a loud, harsh call. Afrotis is Latin for 'African bustard.'

Breeding: Eggs are laid directly onto the ground, year-round. 1 to 3 eggs incubate after a period of 22 days, although they are the target for a number of snakes.

Size: 50cm.

Weight: 760g.

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