Black Crake

Introduction: Black crakes (Amaurornis flavirostris) walk across floating plants in reedbeds and other other vegetation floating alongside still or flowing waters.

Distribution: Mostly in northern Namibia, Epupa Falls, Kunene River estuary, Rundu, Etosha, Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Diet: Forages in open, muddy shoreline on floating vegetation in search of small fish and aquatic insects.

Description: Flavirostris is Latin for 'yellow bill', although the bill is bright greenish lemon yellow in colour. Their eyes are red, as are their legs and feet. Amaurornis refers to their dark, dim or obscure nature.

Breeding: Between 2 and 6 eggs are laid in a deep cup made from dry grass and rushes and other water plants, on vegetation just above the water.

Size: 23cm.

Weight: 90g.

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