African Rail

Introduction: African rail (Rallus caerulescens) live in and around reedbeds, semi-permanent or temporary swamps and marshes, along the edge of streams and rivers where there is adequate cover, including mature pans.

Distribution: Scatterings in the country mainly in the north-eastern regions including Etosha National Park and the Caprivi.

Diet: Forages in the mud at the edge of reedbeds or in shallow water for earthworms, small frogs and fish, spiders, insects and plant matter such as seeds.

Description: Medium to large sized rails with slender, long but slightly decurved bills. Caerulescens is Latin for 'bluish' and rallus 'a rail'.

Breeding: Nests are typically made of dry and green leaves and stems of sedges in a shallow saucer shape. Between 2 and 6 eggs are laid. Chicks and eggs often fall prey to the vlei rat.

Size: 28cm.

Weight: 180g.

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