Peregrine Falcon

Introduction: The Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) is a wanderer. They inhabit mainly mountainous, coastal or riparian regions, and high cliffs are preferred for roosting and breeding grounds. Usually found singly or in pairs.

Distribution: High density concentrations can be found on Waterberg Plateau. Also found in Etosha National Park, Epupa Falls, Kaudom Game Park, Caprivi, Swakopmund and the Orange River.

Diet: Hunts from perch and along cliff faces for pigeons and doves, swifts, starlings and sandgrouse. Also eats bats and occasionally insects.

Description: Often confused with the slimmer Lanner falcon which has relatively longer, but blunter-ended wings and parallel-sided (as opposed to slightly tapered) tail.

Breeding: A simple scrape on the ground or cavity on a cliff suffices for a nest where the female lays between 1 and 4 eggs from late July to early November.

Size: 40cm.

Weight: 700g.

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