Pallid Harrier

Introduction: Pallid harriers (Circus macrourus) inhabit grassland associated with floodplains or open pans, usually singly or in scattered groups. Often seen roosting in grass with Montagu's harrier.

Distribution: Scattered populations around north and central Namibia including Etosha National Park and the Caprivi.

Diet: Eats mostly insects such as locusts, beetles, grasshoppers as well as lizards, birds and small mammals.

Description: Medium-sized raptor with long wings. Macrourus is Latin for 'long-tailed'. Other features include an owl-like facial ruff, silvery-grey upper body and yellow feet and legs. Often confused with Montagu's harrier which has more black in the wing primaries.

Breeding: Breeds Palearctic.

Size: 48cm.

Weight: 440g.

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