Introduction: The osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is a fishing-eagle. It is a medium-sized raptor observed singly, usually flying over water or around high and prominent features above or near water bodies, where they perch 'constantly on watch' for predators and prey.

Distribution: Kunene River mouth, Epupa Falls, Caprivi, Etosha National Park, mountains in and around Windhoek, Caprivi, Orange River and other scattered populations mainly in the central regions of Namibia.

Diet: Forages in the late morning and mid afternoon in fresh and salt water for available fish.

Description: Often confused with a juvenile African fish-eagle, although the fish-eagle has a more hunched appearance when perched. Pandion is a Greek phrase for 'a king of Attica' a Greek mythology figure.

Breeding: Osprey are not known to breed in Namibia as they are a non-breeding migrant to the region. Females usually lay around 3 eggs.

Size: 59cm.

Weight: 1.5kg.

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