Little Sparrowhawk

Introduction: Little sparrowhawks (Accipiter minullus) inhabit tall, dense woodland, thickets and grassland along river valleys. Drinking and bathing in bird baths is common as is their aggressive behaviour towards hooded vultures.

Distribution: Patchy distribution in central and northern regions of Namibia including Etosha National Park, Rundu, Caprivi.

Diet: Eats mostly small birds such as doves, mousebirds, swallows, weavers, flycatchers, sunbirds, thrushes and sparrows. Also eats small rodents and bats, lizards, frogs, beetles, locusts and butterflies.

Description: Very small (minullus) bird with dark grey to blackish head and upper parts. Often confused with the much larger African goshawk.

Breeding: Between 1 and 3 eggs are laid on a saucer-shaped stick platform, sparsely lined with green leaves, between September and December. Incubation is around 30 days.

Size: 25cm.

Weight: 100g.

Wingspan: 40cm.

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