Booted Eagle

Introduction: Booted eagles (Aquila pennatus) head for mountainous countryside with cliffs. These non-breeding migrants are found in a diversity of non-forested habitats. Often difficult to observe, they perch on trees or cliffs.

Distribution: Waterberg Plateau, Etosha National Park, Caprivi, Skeleton Coast and northern Namib Desert.

Diet: Eats mostly birds, but also lizards and rodents.

Description: Feathered legs, dark brown flight feathers, whitish underwing coverts, dark grey bill, brown eyes, yellow feet and white leggings.

Breeding: Only 2 rounded, dull white eggs are laid in either June or July and incubated for around 40 days.

Size: 50cm.

Weight: 975g.

Wingspan: 1.35m.

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