Black Sparrowhawk

Introduction: Riverine forest and well-developed woodlands are the preferred habitat of black sparrowhawks (Accipiter melanoleucus). Although they are solitary birds that spend most of their time perched below the forest canopy, they are aggressive towards the African fish-eagle, Egyptian goose, trumpeter hornbill and pied crow.

Distribution: Caprivi only.

Diet: Eats birds up to the size of an Egyptian goose but mostly doves, pigeons, ducks and kites.

Description: Head, upper parts, upper wing coverts and rump all black. Underwing white and blotched black. Melanoleucus is Greek for black and white.

Breeding: Aggressive towards humans and other raptors near nest. Females usually lay 3 eggs in a stick nest lined with green leaves.

Size: 55cm.

Weight: 540g.

Wingspan: 1m.

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