Introduction: Bateleurs (Terathopius ecaudatus) favour savannah with open and closed woodland canopies such as Acacia savannah, mopane and woodland with broad-leaves and long grass. They often perch on trees during the day and are often observed at waterholes, preening or drinking.

Distribution: Widespread in north-eastern Namibia, especially Etosha National Park, Kalahari, Caprivi, Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve.

Diet: Scavenges and hunts during the day. Follows roads on the search for roadkill. Will take dead birds and reptiles, springhare, striped polecat, mongooses, genets and hares.

Description: Ecaudatus is Latin for 'lacking tail'. Other features include a large cowled head, short legs and a loud crowing call. Terathopius is a Greek phrase for 'nimble juggler' a reference to their rolling flight.

Breeding: Males make a small platform nest of dry sticks and lined with green leaves. Only 1 egg is laid and incubated for around 55 days. Predators include Verreaux's eagle owl.

Size: 70cm.

Weight: 2.25kg.

Wingspan: 1.8m.

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