Ayres's Hawk-Eagle

Introduction: The rare Ayres's hawk-eagle (Aquila ayresii) inhabits dense forest and forest edges, occurring in hilly country as well. Eucalyptus stands are a favoured roosting location, singly for long periods, staying inside that tree canopy. They are named after the naturalist and collector Thomas Ayres (1828-1918)

Distribution: Caprivi, Victoria Falls.

Diet: Hunts from perch for mainly birds such as doves and pigeons, thrushes and starlings, hornbills, bulbuls, barbets, African hoopoe and shikras.

Description: Large eagle with broad wings adapted for soaring. Other features include a feathered tarsi (leg). Blackish-brown upper parts. Often confused with the larger and longer-winged African hawk-eagle.

Breeding: Only 1 egg is laid in a stick/twig platform and incubated for up to 45 days.

Size: 55cm.

Weight: 950g.

Wingspan: 1m.

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