Auger Buzzard

Introduction: Auger buzzards (Buteo auger) inhabit hilly and mountainous regions with rocky outcrops close to woodland or savannah type regions as well as arid scrubland. They spend most of the day perched singly or in pairs unless they are hovering and soaring high up at mid-day. The African rock python is an auger buzzard chick predator.

Distribution: Isolated populations in central and north-western Namibia including the Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Eats mainly reptiles, small mammals and avian prey. Examples include puff adder, giant plated lizard, agamas, vlei rat, scrub hare, tree squirrel, scrub hare, rock hyrax, francolins, pipits and larks.

Description: Auger is Latin for prophet or soothsayer, although the connection to this bird is not clear.

Breeding: A cup of strong sticks is made by both male and female, where 2 eggs are laid between August and October and incubated for nearly 40 days.

Size: 60cm.

Weight: 1kg.

Wingspan: 1.4m.

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