African Hobby

Introduction: The African hobby (Falco cuvierii), also known as the African hobby falcon, was first recorded by the French zoologist and author Frédéric Georges Cuvier (1775-1838). They inhabit woodland, savannah and forest savannah as well as Namibian broad-leaved woodland.

Distribution: Fairly uncommon to rare in selected areas of the Caprivi and Etosha National Park.

Diet: Aerial forager for insects at twilight. Also eats small birds not larger than the size of a dove.

Description: Rather small and slender, dark coloured falcon with uniform blackish-grey upper parts and deep rufous underparts.

Breeding: Borrows stick nests of species such as Wahlberg's eagle, black kite, pied crow and white-breasted cormorant. Females lay between 2 and 4 eggs between September and November incubated by the female for around 30 days.

Size: 30cm.

Weight: 200g.

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