African Harrier Hawk

Introduction: African harrier-hawks (Polyboroides typus) typically inhabit mixed species open savannah woodlands, forest edges, ravines and wooded cliffs or any similar rocky habitat that sports trees. They can also be observed in gardens.

Distribution: Etosha National Park, Caprivi, Epupa Falls, Okavango Delta.

Diet: Frequently raids weavers nests for eggs and nestlings. Also eats carrion, bats and frogs.

Description: A large hawk with grey and black plumage, small head, long, broad wings and a long tail. Can grope around in crevices for prey due to their tibio-tarsal joint being able to bend back through 70°.

Breeding: A stick nest is built by both sexes. Females lay between 1 and 3 eggs incubated after 35 days.

Size: 63cm.

Weight: Up to 950g

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