Common Cuckoo

Introduction: Common cuckoos (Cuculus canorus) can be found in a woodland habitat as well as plantations and trees around settlements and farmhouses. They avoid forest and are usually observed singly although they do sometimes form small groups.

Distribution: A summer visitor to Etosha National Park and other scattered populations in the north and central regions of Namibia. Absent in the south of the country and Namib Desert.

Diet: Caterpillars gleaned from foliage and branches. Also eats dragonflies, crickets, cicadas, snails and spiders.

Description: Canorus is the Latin word for musical, 'to sing' and although silent in southern Africa the name is derived their loud, unmistakable cuck-oo in the breeding season. They are often confused with the African cuckoo which has more yellow in its bill.

Breeding: A non-breeder in Namibia.

Size: 33cm.

Weight: 105g.

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