African Emerald Cuckoo

Introduction: African emerald cuckoos (Chrysococcyx cupreus) inhabit evergreen and riparian forest, dense woodland and will enter well-wooded suburbs. They are usually observed singly or in small groups, especially when feeding on concentrations of caterpillar. Sightings can be difficult although the loud, ringing song of the male is an indication of their presence.

Distribution: Caprivi only including Victoria Falls.

Diet: Mainly caterpillars and grasshoppers foraged in middle and upper canopy.

Description: Cupreus is Latin for coppery referring to the bright iridescent green upperparts, hence the name. They are often confused with Klaas's cuckoo.

Breeding: Brood parasite. Lays 1 egg in host nest around October to January in clutches of 3 or 4 on alternate or successive days. Incubation periods are around 16 days.

Size: 22cm.

Weight: 35g.

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