Speckled Pigeon

Introduction: Speckled pigeons (Columba guinea) or rock pigeons can be found in a variety of habitats including urban and rural areas, mountains, cliffs, rocky gorges and boulder-strewn hills. Flocks of up to 20 are not uncommon and roosting on cliff ledges, on buildings and in caves as well as on trees is a behavioural feature.

Distribution: Absent from eastern Namibia but plentiful from Swakopmund and Walvis Bay north through the Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert to Epupa Falls and the Kunene River Valley. The range extends south to the Orange River and Fish River Canyon although rare in southern Namib Desert.

Diet: Forages on patches of bare ground, lawns and roads for seeds including sunflowers, wheat, groundnuts and maize. Small fruits such as wild figs are also taken.

Description: Medium to large-sized pigeon with brightly coloured legs and a grey tail. Columba is the Latin word for 'a pigeon or a dove.'

Breeding: Nests are built by both sexes, a flat twig and stick affair. Females lay between 1 and 3 eggs with an incubation period of 15 days.

Size: 33cm. 

Weight: 350g.

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