Red-Eyed Dove

Introduction: Red-eyed doves (Streptopelia semitorquata) inhabit woodlands, riverine and forests, usually singly or in pairs.

Distribution: As they require to drink regularly they distribution range is confined to the far north of the country along the Kunene River extending along the border watercourses to the Caprivi.

Diet: Forages on the ground and under trees for dry seeds from grasses, sorghum, sunflowers, millet and maize.

Description: Semitorquata is the Latin word for 'half-collared' referring to the black collar behind the neck. Their eyes are orange to red, hence the common name. They are often confused with smaller Cape turtle-doves and the African mourning dove.

Breeding: Females lay 1 or 2 eggs on a flat nest made of twigs and leaves. Incubation periods are around 15 days. Nestlings often fall prey to pied crows and the African goshawk.

Size: 35cm.

Weight: 250g.

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