African Green Pigeon

Introduction: African green-pigeons (Treron calvus) are arboreal birds found in closed woodlands with evergreen trees. They also frequent gallery forests along rivers in open savannah, parks and gardens.

Distribution: Etosha, Caprivi and other scattered locations in northern Namibia.

Diet: Juicy fruits such as wild figs are their favourite. Mulberries, peaches and other localized fruits are also taken.

Description: Calva is the Latin word for bald. Treron is Greek for timid, shy, easily alarmed or trembling, referring to their behavioural traits. Predominately green in colour.

Breeding: 1 or 2 eggs are laid between August and January with an incubation period of 14 days. Their flimsy nests are often destroyed by high winds.

Size: 30cm.

Weight: 240g.

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