Bohm's Spinetail

Introduction: Bohm's spinetail (Neafrapus boehmi) is named after Dr. R Böhm ((1854-1884) who worked in Tanzania and DRC in the late 1800s. He was a German naturalist and traveller. Habitats include dense woodlands, clearings and edges, dry deciduous woodland and riverine forest. They gather in flocks of up to 50 but their aerial abilities are restricted by their short tails.

Distribution: Caprivi, Mahango National Park, Linyati Marshes and parts of the Zambezi River.

Diet: Eats insects caught aerially such as flying ants, beetles and flies.

Description: A small to medium-sized spine-tailed swift with very short, square tails. Neafrapus is the Latin word for 'new African swift'.

Breeding: Nests are built of fine twigs and are flimsy looking to the eye. Females lay between 2 and 3 eggs with an incubation period of around 20 days.

Size: 9cm.

Weight: 14g.

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