Schreibers's long-fingered bat

Introduction: The most remarkable aspect of the Schreibers's long-fingered bat is the colossal colonies that are found in deep, dark, moist caves. At times over 300,000 individuals have been recorded, a feature that can be witnessed in Namibia whilst staying at Arnhem Caves and Restcamp. The heat emitted from such numbers have been known to change the temperature of a cave. An insectivorous bat, it may live for at least 20 years.

Distribution: Widespread in Namibia from Windhoek north to the Kunene River and Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), less for the Skeleton Coast area.

Diet: Small, soft bodied insects, especially over concentrations of water at night.

Colouring: Dark brown or charcoal coloured fur.

Size: Average body length 110mm.

Weight: 10g

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