Rendall's serotine bat

Introduction: Serotine bats roost in small groups in any nook or cranny of buildings, rocks and trees. They have been described as 'small, drab and unobtrusive creatures' who frequent woodland savannah areas with permanent water.

Distribution: Zambezi Region especially Bwabwata National Park, Chobe and Zambezi River areas.

Diet: Rendall's serotine bats hunt for insects hovering around trees and shrubs, 2m above the ground.

Colouring: It's most distinguishing feature from other serotine bats is a white, translucent wing membrane. Fur is dark, chocolate brown at the base, changing to reddish-brown tips. The underparts are greyish-white, with pure white anal fur.

Size: No more than 90mm in length.

Weight: Adults weigh around 6-7.5g

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