Little free-tailed bat

Introduction:The little free-tailed bat (Tadarida pumila) is the smallest of Namibia's free-tailed bats. They roost in roof structures of buildings, taking as much as 80% of the roof space to hide from predators. They are noisy tenants, present throughout the year and the smell of their body odour combined with guano makes them a most unpleasant visitor.

Distribution: Woodland savannah areas of north-eastern Namibia.

Diet: Little free-tailed bats consume an enormous amount of insects. They hunt flying insects above vegetation at speed in open air space.

Colouring: Brown or deep blackish-brown fur with light brown underparts with a characteristic variable median broad white band of fur from the chest to the anus.

Breeding: Female little free-tailed bats can have 3 pregnancies in one summer, giving birth to one pup per pregnancy.

Size: Total head and body length 90mm.

Weight: 11.5g.

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