Geoffroy's horseshoe bat

Introduction: Geoffroy's horseshoe bat are a highly gregarious creature that occur in colonies of several thousand if suitable roosting sites exist. One such site is at Arnhem Cave and Restcamp. As with other rhinolophids they have the ability to hibernate in temperate regions and roost from ceiling sanctuaries. This allows them to tolerate colder conditions, especially with an associated lack of resident insect prey.

During the summer months, Geoffroy's horseshoe bat accumulates body fat, providing fuel to survive the colder winter months. They can then reduce body functions and lower heartbeat levels as low as 2 pulses per minute.

Distribution: Namib Desert and southern and central Namibia.

Diet: Moths and small beetles and any ground insect can be caught due to their wing design. Their flying ability permits them to land on the ground.

Colouring: Brown-tipped grey fur.

Size: Slightly smaller than Rüppells horseshoe bat.

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