Flat-headed free-tailed bat

Introduction: The flat-headed free-tailed bat is a free-tailed bat, differing to others of the species by an extraordinary flattened skull. This is not apparent when the bat is alive. Studies have discovered it has the ability to roost in the narrowest of rock crevices, impossible roosting destinations for other bats. Another distinguishing feature is the lack of a sheathed tail membrane. They also have wrinkled upper lips and 'complex ears'. Their narrow, elongated wings enable them to fly fast and straight.

Distribution: The flat-headed free-tailed bat head for open seasonal waters in the rainy season, specifically in the Namib Desert and at Rosh Pinah in southern Namibia.

Diet: They catch large insects found in open air spaces over water.

Colouring: Fur colouration varies from region to region and within a colony. In Namibia they are tawny-olive to brownish-grey to dark seal-brown with lighter underparts in shades of greyish to white.

Size: Average body length 110mm.

Weight: 13-15g

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