Darling's horseshoe bat

Introduction: Darling's horseshoe bat(Rhinolophus darlingi) like others of the species, are competent and active hunters mainly due to their broader wings and superior echolocation abilities. Colonies normally number a few dozen. The species was named after a mining engineer J. Darling who collected his initial specimens from Mazoe in Zimbabwe.

Distribution: The rockier terrain of the far-eastern Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip).

Diet: Terrestrial insects.

Colouring: Drab grey fur with a lighter shade of grey on the undersides. The wings are light grey-brown with light brown pointed ears.

Breeding: Female Darling's horseshoe bats give birth to a single offspring, normally during the warmer, wetter early summer months.

Size: Total length of 85mm.

Weight: 9g.

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