Damara woolly bat

Introduction: The Damara woolly bat is recognized by it's soft, woolly fur that grows away from the body as the paler tips curl up and give it a 'grizzly appearance'. A braincase that rises to a high dome over the long rostrum and a fringe of hair along the edge of the interfemoral membrane are other significant characteristics of this species. It is larger than other woolly bat species. Visitors on a guided tour or self drive safari in Namibia may occasionally see this bat around dawn and dusk.

Distribution: Damaraland and the far north of Namibia.

Diet: Insects.

Colouring: Silvery-topped, reddish-brown fur on the upperparts and greyish-brown underparts and brown wings.

Size: Average body length of 95mm.

Weight: 6-9g.

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