It is completely acceptable to dress informally while travelling around Namibia. In fact many locals go out to dinner dressed in shorts and T-shirts, so it is unlikely you will offend anyone with your dress sense.

We are however a polite nation and believe that it is important to greet people and generally be polite to each other. Tourists would do well to remember this and to say 'hello' and shake hands with as many people as they can when entering a new location.

When dealing with anyone any authority it is best to remain calm and polite. Your warm smile, helpful attitude and friendly face will generally help overcome most issues.

As Namibia has become increasingly multicultural and tolerant over the last two decades slip ups in etiquette are likely to go un-mentioned. On your leaving a situation the locals may amuse themselves at the expense of your gaff, but it is unlikely major offense will be taken.

"Good manners have become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation."  Anon

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