Rock Paintings At Farm Oase

One of the most celebrated specimens of rock paintings in Namibia are proclaimed as 'the rock drawings on the farm Oase'. They date from various periods and the term 'drawings' is misleading as they are clearly 'rock paintings'. There are 71 individual paintings or groups thereof in the cave, and they depict:

If you want to view this site, the paintings are actually in the Oase Grotte on the Farm Rostock-Süd and not Oase Farm as per the proclamation. The cave is visible quite a long way off from the Maltahöhe and Walvis Bay road and lies about 15km from the Oase Farmstead. It is about 80km north of Solitaire.

These extraordinary paintings are accessible by 4x4 vehicle and only with the owner's permission and visitors have to be accompanied with a private guide as the cave is on private land. The cave is reached by an easy climb up on the flank of the Rostock Mountain.

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