Rock Paintings At Etemba

The Rock Paintings on Farm Etemba are situated between Omaruru and Usakos, in the district of Omaruru in the Erongo Region. They were discovered initially by Kahn in 1965 and the sites and rock paintings were recorded in some detail for prosperity. Further excavations were undertaken in 1968 by the archaeologist Wendt and he found rock paintings at 2 out of 4 sites he and his team unearthed. All of the following rock paintings on Etemba Farm were declared as 1 national monument and proclaimed as such on 1st May 1967:

The main paintings are in the Etemba Cave which is situated north-east of a 'northern protruding foot of the Erongo Mountain'. It can be seen from the Etemba Farmhouse and the site lies at the southern bank of the Omaruru River, which lies directly on the border between Etemba and Otjompaue-West. You will have to walk along a footpath to the foot of the mountain itself, so pack your hiking boots and water bottle for the trek that continues for at least another hour's walk up a steep ascent, climbing over and around a rough landscape of boulders along the way. It is next to a small cave that has all the most important paintings, and there is another small cave underneath, again accessible after another steep climb.

There are a host of human depictions in Etemba Cave, including a series of 12 figures. The smaller cave has a collection of paintings displaying:

A few selected tours and safaris in Namibia visit the rock paintings at Etemba.

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