Rock Engravings At Farm Kamanjab

The rock engravings at Farm Kamanjab, Kamanjab have been described as 'one of the richer occurrences in number and quality in Namibia'. There are around 1,200 and 1,500 rock engravings of both animal and abstract design to be found at the top of the Peet Alberts Koppie on the Farm Kamanjab. Peet Alberts was one of the Dorsland Trekkers and a former owner of the farm, who settled in Namibia.

Those on a self drive safari in Namibia can access the mountain ridge where the rock engravings are, is from the Outjo - Kamanjab road, 10km south of the town of Kamanjab. There is a small road that leads north for about 1km and access to the appropriate hillock, is through an entrance gate.

The most prominent engraving at this site is one of a giraffe which measures 330cm from hind hoof to ear. It is the biggest rock engraving in Namibia. Both this giraffe and a number of other abstract works are the oldest engravings in the country, which often overlap each other. They include:

Abstract engravings include circular forms, crossed and dotted circles, a star and a honeycomb. There are some depictions of humans and children's feet.

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