Paula Cave

Paula Cave is 1 of 6 sites of rock paintings found in the 'Klippdachs (rock rabbit) Mountains near Omaruru. It is situated on the Okapekaha Farm in the Omaruru district in the Erongo Region and the cave itself is approximately 3km south from the road between Omaruru and Usakos. The cave was proclaimed a national monument of 1st March 1951, only 1 year after a recommendation by the German archaeologist Dr. ER Scherz.

Unfortunately, the quality of the paintings have been either weathered away over the years, due mainly to the lighting of fires inside the cave. The renowned paleontologist Breuil was the first to describe in detail some 'large, red-haired humans with relatively long bodies, several animals amongst them elephant and rhinoceros. A further group of red-haired people appear, apparently under attack from a larger group of black men with arrows.'

There are other, similar figures in the Paula Cave of a number of walking pregnant women and flute-players. Paula Cave can now be accessed to the public by prior arrangement via Erongo Wilderness Lodge.

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