Hobas campsite

The Hobas camp site is situated at the northern end of Namibia's Fish River Canyon, 10km from the canyon's main vantage point. It is the second largest canyon in the world, the largest in Africa and the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. It was formed millions of years ago by water from the Fish River flowing through its arid environment.

The fantastic views from this majestic, gigantic ravine, make it a popular hiking destination. The Fish River is the longest interior river in Namibia and it cuts deep into the dry, stony plateau, which is sparsely covered with hardy drought resistant succulents.

Public view points can be found the around the camp site, and this part of the canyon is part of the Ai-Ais / Richterveld Transfrontier National Park. (Peace Park).

In the canyon you may encounter several species of mammals, such as wild horses, Mountain Zebra (Hartman Zebra), kudu, leopard, springbok, troops of Chacma baboons and isolated groups of klipspringers. Bird-life includes pelicans, black eagles, fish eagles, kingfishers, lovebirds, wild ostrich and various species of waterfowl and wading birds. Bring your binoculars to view rock kestrels and lanner falcons riding the thermals.

Reptiles and insects are in abundance. You may encounter huge Leguan lizards, cape cobra, black spitting cobra, puff adder and horned adder. Different species of locusts, butterflies and moths are also present. In the natural pools of the Fish River, fish such as barbled catfish and yellow fish can be found.

Meals and drinks can be ordered in the restaurant. Take a dip in the pool after a walk or long road trip. Guests stay in 6 well-placed bush chalets. Enter through large glass sliding doors. Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom with toilet and wash basins, twin/double beds and bedside lights.

There are also 16 shady campsites equipped with braai areas, water taps and lights. Showers/baths, toilets and wash basins are provided in the ablution block. There is no mains electricity and the site is powered by a generator from 6am-midday, and from 5pm – 10pm. Basic groceries, beer, wines and tinned food can be bought from the kiosk.

Visitors must be aware that additional park fees must be paid on arrival.

The Fish River Hiking Trail is about 80kms long and takes between 4 and 5 days to complete. It follows the length of the Fish River Canyon. No facilities are provided, so hikers must be self-sufficient. Water can be found in semi-permanent pools.

Due to the risk of flooding and the high summer temperatures, the Fish River hiking trails are only open from 1st May 31st August. Or 15th April – 15 September.

Hobas is also a good place to overnight before starting the Fish River Hiking Trail, as the hiking trail starts at the main viewpoint, (close to Hobas) and ends at Ai-Ais.

The Fish River Hike must be pre-booked. Bookings must be for groups of between 3 and 20 people. Individual hikers are not allowed for safety reasons. Hikers must be over 12 years of age and have a recent medical certificate of fitness. This certificate needs to be presented at Hobas, the starting point of the Fish River Canyon hike, before departure. Day hikes and walks are also available.

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Fish River Canyon: Hobas is located close to the main view point for the canyon.

Hiking: This is the start of the famous four day Fish River Hiking trail. Day hikes and walks are also available.

Ai-Ais Resort

Ai-Ais Resort

Fairly basic accommodation at the famous hot-springs near the southern end of the Fish River Canyon.

Canyon Lodge

Canyon Lodge

Few moments are as breath-taking and inspiring as gazing into the depths of the majestic Fish River Canyon. Nestled into the rugged boulders of the Fish River landscape, a short twenty kilometres from the iconic Fish River Canyon viewpoint, lies the Canyon Lodge. With the main guest areas housed in a century-old farmhouse and each cabin embracing the raw rock formations as part of their architecture, this is a place to feel the ancestral heartbeat and be transformed. Enjoy guided excursions into the breath-taking Gondwana Canyon Park, or embark on a self-guided trail by foot. The Canyon Lodge offers an opportunity for an authentic Fish River Canyon Experience.

Canyon Roadhouse

Canyon Roadhouse

Travel can be exciting, adventurous, introspective, and even stressful. But we believe that there should always be time to slow down and have fun. To celebrate the lighter moments. Canyon Roadhouse is a creative and playful base from which to explore the Fish River area. From our quirky collections of car-inspired memorabilia to great value lodging and light-hearted hospitality – we aim to refresh, revitalise and re-fuel our guests with smiles. Beyond accommodation, this is also a great pit-stop for guests to check in for lunch or refreshments en route to their destinations. Discover the moments awaiting at this property. And guests should be sure not to miss out on our famous Amarula Cheesecake.

Canyon Village

Canyon Village

The heart of a village, in the heart of the Canyon Quiver trees, Nama culture, rugged landscape and an impressive sweeping rock formation characterise Canyon Village. This property serves as a doorway into the insights and traditions of the Nama. With a unique mode of luggage transfers in the form of donkey-cart and the folk tales of the indigenous people muraled on the walls of the various interiors; guests will experience the homely hospitality own to this culture. Chalets are scattered along the landscape in a village-like array, offering privacy and whimsy to all who overnight in this lodge. Canyon land. Nama charm. And a wealth of rich storytelling.

Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge

On the opposite edge of the canyon to all the other lodges, Fish River Lodge offers a unique perspective, excellent service and stunning views.

Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

De Busscher, Katia

10 Jul 2015

A nice camping, very clean like most places in Namibia. Useful place to stay on our way to Fish River.

Munzenmayer, Ralf

6 Sep 2011

campsite OK - but one night there would be sufficient - the next time I would stay one night at the Ai-Ais resort

Smit, Pieter

25 Aug 2011

Nice tree shaded site, electricity only in the morning and after noon might be a problem in hi summer to keep food chilled

Duvenhage, Johan

21 Jun 2015

Of all the NWR resorts, this one was really stands out. Facilities well maintained, campsite impeccable. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Mckenzie, Celeste

28 Apr 2018

Stunning, but please tell visitors that they cannot "braai"at the chalet, but at the camping ground. We expected to have a braai facility at the chalet.

Szostkiewicz, Zofia

11 Nov 2014

Very nice and clean campsite. They have a pool and little supply shop where you can buy basic thing. A great location to go and see sunset at the Canyon.

Smith, Austin

5 Sep 2010

small which is nice, but least favourite of all sites. Also gates don't close at sun set so you don't have to test your rally driving skills to get there on time.

Stelvio, Rosset

14 Aug 2012

Nice structure probably to be improved. We stayed at the Camp Site, and it is missed for example a booking assignation of the camp number. This could create some discussions.

Wilson, Vanda

14 Apr 2015

Super camp site, a communal shower block but very clean. A well organised and lovely atmosphere, Nearly met some baboons. No views from here but not far to go for the canyon.

Toni Pauline

8 May 2015

Camp really nice, information given along with the booking confirmation (map, fact that we had to arrive before sunset, etc...) very useful, clear and precise without being overwhelming.

Townsend, Nicky

8 May 2011

Nice choice of campsites. Was nice that the management came and checked that we were happy. Ablutions weren` the best, was an issue with hot water. The recycling system is a good initiative.

Fowler, Tinks

1 Jul 2014

Lovely campsite. Clean ablutions. Adequate supply shop. Our hike in the canyon turned into a bit of a drama as I broke my leg badly and had to be airlifted out of the canyon. We never made it to Ais ais

Kiesow, Kai

6 Dec 2015

basic campsite, but very close to the canyon (10minutes drive) currently under construction (new facilities and a restaurant) there are baboons around, we didn't see them, but we saw some in Ai Ais: Be carefull

Howes John

24 Mar 2016

Three nights too long. 1-2 would have been enough. Fortunately were able to transfer a night to Luderitz. Namibia Wildlife could do a lot more in terms of activities. Shop could be better stocked. Lady at reception very helpful though.

Veglio, Pierpaolo

26 Sep 2009

The hobas camp is basic, but there is the possibility to stay one night in hobas and see the canyon (to suggest the only 4x4 itinerary with wild zebras and antelopes) and a second night in ais-ais. Here there is the new spa with hot water: very comfortable!

Kidd, Tara

27 Jul 2009

we have never met such kind people as the men who worked there - our car broke down and we were stranded nearby for 48 hrs. They told us we were therefore "their family" and looked atfer us so well. the campsite is lovely, although the swimming pool was empty?

Glickman Jessica

1 Nov 2014

Hobas Campsite is well-maintained and neat. The bathrooms were kept nicely with hot water, the campsites were clean and swept. The best feature was the welcoming staff! My only recommendation is for more food options, especially for those with food allergies. Thanks, Hobas!


Hobas is situated of the C37 road from Grunau


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