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The Klein Aus Vista Nature Reserve is situated 2km west from the small town of Aus in southern Namibia, and about 120kms from Luderitz. Eagle's Nest Lodge is set at the foot of the Aus mountains on this reserve, on a 10 hectare farm that borders on the Sperrgebiet. (Forbidden diamond mining area.) The Nest is 7km away from the main reception and restaurant complex of the Desert Horse Inn, and is easily accessible by car in only 10 minutes.

The main reception, lounge and restaurant are all at the Desert Horse Inn. A telephone, fax machine and an Internet connection can also be located there.

Eagle's Nest Lodge is a small group of 9 rock chalets spread out over a boulder-strewn hillside. The Boulder, Desert Vista and The Rock chalets are amongst the guests favourites. Some are built partially from gigantic granite boulders, whilst others are built into the actual rock walls. They all have stone floors. Each chalet has en-suite facilities, (flush toilet, wash basin/shower with soap dispensers and bath towels provided), a fully equipped kitchenette, a lounge, fireplace and a private verandah, overlooking the seemingly endless Namib Desert. The chalets also have wooden furniture – bamboo wardrobes and wooden luggage racks - a bedside table and light, and an honesty bar.

Guest's at The Nest's idyllic setting can appreciate the solitude and tranquility of the desert, but are welcome to enjoy the country cuisine and vibrant atmosphere of the bar at the Desert Horse Inn. If they prefer, braai (barbeque) packs and breakfast platters can be organized.

One of the highlights of the area are the Namib Desert Wild Horses, which are often found near the lodge. It is not uncommon to see Klipspringer in the early morning from a bedroom window.

Eagles Nest is an ideal destination for families, as the widely spaced chalets allow plenty of room for children to run around and play.

Photographers would be interested the Namib Feral (wild) horses, often to be found grazing locally. The stunning combination of high yellow grass and mountains also makes for beautiful photo-opportunities, and it's worth taking note that the wild horses tend to graze in the afternoons.

There are two walking trails from Eagles Nest. A 12km Eagle trail, approximately 5 hour long and the 4km Mountain Trail, approximately a 2 ½ hours long.

Eagle's Nest Lodge is powered from solar energy.

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Wild Horses: The realm of the Wild Horses is in Namib Naukluft Park, north of the road to Lüderitz. With a little luck they can be watched at Garub, some 20 km west of Aus, as they regularly make their way to the drinking trough there. Klein Aus Vista holds special permits for excursions into the areas where these horses can be found.

Scenic Drives: experience the fascinating plant and animal world of the Succulent Karoo on a scenic drive through Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park.

Hiking Trails: Explore the diverse plant and animal world of the Nama Karoo and Succulent Karoo at your own pace. Five hiking trails (2-5 hours) take you through the wild, romantic landscapes of the Aus Mountains.

Auas Info Centre: At the Aus Info Centre, on the way into Aus (3 kilometers), the attractions of the area - like the Wild Horses or the ruins of a Prison of War (POW) camp from World War I - are depicted on numerous display boards. Learn more while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

Griffioen, Jacob

21 Sep 2009

Together with Cape Cross one of the highlights. We had a wonderful sunset and braai near our lodge. Splendid!

Bonnet, Jean-charles

21 May 2013

The name fits very well with the place, the sundown is a must, the owner knows very well his country and the area

Van Der Westhuizen, Johan

22 Sep 2016

Excellent venue, excellent food, the staff were really welcoming and helpful. Was the highlight of all our accommodation.

Etzi, Andrea

3 Aug 2017

Wow probably the best lodge we stay during the trip. Nice service and the eagle nests are superb. Wonderful experience there

Pipitone, Raffaella

12 Sep 2011

really, really a wonderfull place were to spend more the one night. we were really sorry to leave the eagles nest! amazing staff

Pichard, Stephanie

17 Apr 2015

I recommend that they install mosquito nets over the beds. We had a bad sleeping experience there but the sunset on the mountains made up for it!

Van Leeuwen, Leo

7 Apr 2017

Good experience.The restaurant was a bit crowded but the food was good the lodge itself was very good although a bit outof the way but that was okay

Frey, Michael

1 Apr 2013

We stayed in the Mountain View chalet. Quite an unbelievable place; great view and sunsets, all amenities, roomy and uniquely and obviously lovingly constructed.

Dunkley, John

11 Jun 2012

Excellent, we got a 3-room place. Repeat business after liking location & cabins in 2005, everything still fine. Restaurant back at HQ probably better than before.

Fey, Cash

26 Dec 2014

Perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Really liked the lodge layout. If you`re traveling alone or with friends, I would recommend staying at the accomodations closer to the lodge.


29 Aug 2013

very nice, shame they do not offer horse riding on their property any more. The location is great but once again the cottages are freezing cold and they charge you for the fire wood !

Buchert, Karoline

4 Jun 2012

We have stayed in the boulders chalet. Very rustic accommodation. Also overpriced. You are not allowed to use a hair dryer, due to solar power....no cellphone reception. breakfast is basic, not really inviting.

Reinecke, Karin

6 Jul 2015

We stayed at The Rock. This was the HIGHLIGHT of the trip. What an amazing chalet. Wish we could have had a second night. Took the braii option here, which was excellent value. The whole experience of the Rock was unforgettable.


9 May 2014

WOW! Incredible, perfect, comfortable and a excellent service! You can order a braai to make yourself at the Chalet. They prepare everything, salad, meat, desert... the same for breakfast: either in the restaurant, either directely in the Chalet

Hanekom, Karien

5 May 2011

We were given `The Rock` for the evening and it was fantastic. The winner of the entire two weeks. Just a pity we were not really adivsed how nice this was, as we would have gladly swapped the third night at Island Cottage for a second night here.


Klein Aus Vista is situated 2km west of Aus on the main Luderitz - Keetmanshoop Road

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