Palmwag lodge and camp

Palmwag Lodge and Camp is a paradise located on the Uniab River in north-western Namibia, Damaraland just a few kilometers north of the junction of the C4 and /C39 roads. Nestled in a spectacular landscape with waving palms whispering in the wind, Palmwag Lodge is one of Namibia's oldest and most popular tourist destinations.

In the concession area around Palmwag Lodge there are large populations of Hartman's Mountain Zebra, giraffe, oryx, springbok and kudu. The predator population is the largest outside of the Etosha National Park, with over 100 lions, cheetah, leopard, brown and spotted hyena. Bird life is prolific and diverse with most of Namibia's endemics present. This concession supports a healthy population of desert adapted black rhino and elephants, under the management of the Save the Rhino Trust.

Wine and dine in the licensed restaurant. Relax at the swimming pool under shady palm trees and unwind with refreshments at the cozy pool-bar and lapa.

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Explore the amazing Palmwag concession and join one of the guided scenic drives in the Palmwag Concession, a guided hike or even a rhino tracking tour with an experienced guide.  

The Under Canvas Sleep Out is a truly Namibian adventure that lets you experience the raw nature of the Palmwag Concession. Your experienced guide will show you all that the Palmwag Concession has to offer.

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Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

Brink, Ulla

1 Sep 2013

Nice place and good food but we think that the elephants was a little to close to our tents at night.

Della Torre, Andrea

7 Oct 2012

Wonderful location with fantastic safari experience and nice facilities. One of my best stay in Namibia

Goody Allan

9 May 2013

Excellent. Great Setting. Love the private facilities for the campsite. Just an amazing place in the middle of nowhere.

Monbaliu, Sean

30 Nov 2014

One of the most beautiful areas in Namibia. Elephants in the campsite. Too bad only guided hikes are allowed in the area.

Suleau, Marcel

25 Apr 2015

Super with the chalet just in front of the water, but was to dry at that time and we could not see the elephants as expected.

Sweet, Jim

13 Dec 2011

Lovely location for enjoying the spectacular Damaraland scenery. Management should look around and attend to a few small details.

Siefken, Dirk

12 Jan 2015

Not so nice, the cabin was a bit old and not well maintained. Also food like breakfast ect had no thrills, one of the not so nice lodges

Weickenmeier Tanja

7 Sep 2017

Beautiful lodge in Kuene Region Namibia. Great staff! The real Boss at the lodge is an old elephant who comes to visit from time to time.

Vanloo, Arie

14 Nov 2014

would have been nice to have the opportunity to book the gamedrive in advance, because it might be fully booked when arriving at the lodge.

Baker, Brian

25 Oct 2015

Excellent lodge with great views and excellent game drives. We especially enjoyed the black rhino tracking. Staff and guides were all excellent.

Bergstrom, Bo

19 Jun 2012

Clean and ok. Had everything we needed. Had a great morning game drive with gamedriver Everest! Very knowledgable person and a very good guide!!

Etzi, Andrea

3 Aug 2017

Beautiful location, with the marvelous mountains, beautiful lodge with an incredible staff and owner. Very pleased to add this stop here at palmwag

Van Laeken, Steven

1 Aug 2013

Palmwag Lodge has a really nice camp site were everyone has his own bathroom, toilet and a lot of space. We saw 3 times elephants at this campsite :) .

Rattray, Hugh

2 Aug 2014

Excellent. The scenery was amazing. The site of the lodge fantastic. The game drives were very good. Not as much game as Etosha but such a beutiful place.

Drago, Francesco

9 Oct 2012

The lodge does not seem to be maintened at a decent standard. The quality/price ratio is very bad. The wildlife excursion was very good (also due to the guide).

Macleod, Ian

24 Jul 2011

Tents the pick of the accommodation. Damaraland all day Rudi a font of knowledge...animals dispersed because of preceding wet but stunning scenery

Tywnam, Stephen

11 Jul 2011

Very friendly staff, with excellent service. If you have a game drive, try and get Stephanus as your Guide as he is excellent. A great place to spend a night or two.

Verheij, Felix

13 Nov 2013

We went this way to see the beautiful surroundings and we`re still glad we did. The campsite was nothing special however and we`re happy we stayed there only one night. Rating: 7/10.

Bottinelli Julien

31 Aug 2013

We arrived there one day before, and we had the possibility to spend one night in the campsite, wich is nice. The safari tent were very confortable, but a little noisy (with the Wind).

Kratzsch, Karin

2 Nov 2013

nice rooms, very friendly staff, two clean, comfortable pools, a `lodge elephant` next to our room in the night, very interesting game drive, breakfast good, dinner ok, we`d go there again

Martin, Aurelie

31 Aug 2010

Excellent place once you find it. We wish we would have known about the road conditions to get to Palmwag and had planned more time to truly enjoy our stay. Shorter excursions would be welcome.

Stoner, Kit

18 Oct 2014

Excellent camping facilities here. Much more than we expected. Staff were helpful. Landscape amazing. Only disappointment was that there wasn`t a morning game drive the days we were staying there.

Cuijpers, Wendy

17 Jun 2013

Great location. We took part in the full day game drive, which was great. We didn't see a lot of animals (although elephants in the end), but the landscape of the Palmwag Concession is also special.

Waller, Matt

2 Nov 2017

The campsite at Palmwag Lodge was well signed and in a great location right on the river bank. We had good facilities for for bathroom and washing up, and we were a very short walk to the main lodge.

Mcgrath, Catherine

14 Jan 2015

We liked this very much - very different from places we had been staying in previously. But next time, I might stay in the Dolomite Camp in Etosha instead. But I was happy seeing the desert elephants.

Howard, Jenny

26 Aug 2016

Lovely lodge - the boys loved all three pools and the elephant. It was very hot at night - with only fans to move around the hot air - but the room itself was very comfy and spacious for the four of us.

Elliot, James

16 Jul 2014

Very comfortable, good food, great location and appearance despite building work taking place during my stay. But thatching is not unattractive! Had a nice evening tour and sundowners on a high vantage point.

Pick, Liz

18 Jul 2015

A nice enough place, we upgraded to a room because we wanted a break from camping but we felt two nights here was unnecessary as there wasn't really anything to see or do. Would have preferred another night at Epupa.

Lavizzari, Guido

7 Jul 2013

Positive stay. Tented rooms are quite cool in the night but this is part of the game. Good quality of dinner served at restaurant as wlel as staff cooperation. Very good the morning excursion, that must be recomended.


17 Nov 2015

Excellent area with good facilities. We had an elephant walk past our pitch within a few feet and spend 15 minutes feeding on the vegetation. Staff are friendly and helpful. Would recommend the half day rhino tracking.

Hewitt, Carol

30 Apr 2018

The road via Xhorikas was really exciting! The rhino walk was quite tough as it involved a 45 km trip to the site; in an open safari truck this was rather tiring. But the guides were very, very keen to show us the rhinos


26 Dec 2014

Building work underway while we were there. The camp seemed a bit utilitarian though the food was good. Room was large but rather basic and simply stood in the middle of a gravel area. Could do with a bit of imagination in its development.

Rodger Thomas

10 Mar 2010

OK but becoming frayed around the edges! Excellent guide on a game drive which was the reason for visiting. Bird mess on sofas in lounge area of bar/dining room - birds helping themselves to guests food buffet with equal distribution of droppings! Pool poor and possibly not very clean.

Beasley, Christine

12 Apr 2016

This place could use some upgrading. Basically it is ok but there is nothing to do there, the scenery is ugly and there is no wi fi, no aircon even though it is extremely hot in the rooms at night, and the pool was freezing. Would recommend staying for one night only on the way to someplace else.

Van Strien, Maarten

9 Nov 2014

Nice location, but the lodge and ablution blocks on the camp site are being renovated and that seems to cause some logistical problems. We had to share one toilet and one shower with two large tour groups and several other camp site guests. Hopefully this will improve once the renovations are done.


Palmwag Lodge is just a few kilometers north of the junction of the C43 and the C39. Heading north, it is on the left, immediately after the veterinary fence, and its concession stretches off to the west, as far as the Skeleton Coast

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