Otjitotongwe cheetah farm

Otjitotongwe Cheetah Farm is situated in north-eastern Namibia, 24kms east of Kamanjab on the north side of the road. It is home to a non-profit organization, aimed at conserving cheetahs in a natural environment. The 7,000ha farm, has both tame and wild cheetahs, many bought from farmers to prevent them from being killed.

The restaurant and bar are in the main thatched building. It has an all day tea and coffee station. Relax on the lawn by the swimming pool.

There are 5 double bungalows and 2 family rooms. 1 of the family rooms has a double bed. Each has its own en-suite toilet, shower and private verandah.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served as a set buffet. There is no mains electricity supply on this farm.

The cheetah originally occupied most of Africa except for the equatorial forest and the true desert, (Sahara & Namib) as well as much of the Middle East and India, where it became extinct in the early 1950's. It is now extremely rare in the rest of Asia and Africa, north of the equator.

It is estimated that there are less than 7,500 cheetah left in the world, and about 6,000 of these are found in Southern Africa. According to a 1970 study, the numbers of cheetah in Namibia had improved, due apparently to the removal of lion and hyena, by farmers. In some cases, it was because of the re-introduction of various antelope species, favoured by these fleet-footed cats.

More recent surveys have shown that Namibia has 2000-2500 cheetah, of which 95% are on private (game of cattle) farms. Unfortunately, some farmers have continued to shoot cheetah because of their tendency to raid stock, particularly where their natural prey species are scarce, or absent. Whilst the current figures do not make the cheetah endangered in the absolute sense of the word, the extraordinary degree of genetic uniformity that these cats have been shown to exhibit, raises the possibility that a disease could devastate wild populations. Otjitotongwe is dedicated to the preservation of the cheetah species.

The farm offers superb photographic opportunities at scheduled cheetah feedings, and also offers guided game drives to view wild cheetah. There are also a number of unguided nature walks.

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Cheetah feeding: There are planned feeding times on the farm, providing superb photographic opportunities.

Guided game drives: Sighting cheetah can be difficult as they often head for bushes and grass for cover. Their whistling or bird-like chirp is totally different from other cats though. Both tame and wild cheetah can be found here.

Nature walks: Apart from the flora and fauna found in the surrounding environment there are a couple of rather unusual sights worth a visit. Python vine (Fokea multiflora) is a shrub or small tree that often twines and strangles other trees. Stromatolites are fossils algae, believed to be between 600 and 700 million years old. They grew in the warm, shallow sea that once covered northern regions of the country, providing ancient records of life on earth.

Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

Leoncini, Silvia

8 Jul 2012

We appreciate very much the Cheetah game. Simple rooms but with a familiar athmosphere; we loved this place.

Hobday, Alistair

29 Jul 2019

Lots of birds Dusty bare campsites, shaded sufficiently. Small pool. Cheetahs the attraction for this location.

Bistos, Nathalie

20 Nov 2017

Very welcoming people, meals very well cooked. Unforgettable experience to be so close from cheetahs, even wild ones.

Buchert, Thomas

4 Mar 2014

a wonderful experience with the cheetahs, excellent Dinner, very friendly hosts,a unique Lodge with a very romantic atmosphere.

Marson, Pier Paolo

18 Sep 2017

Incredible place, feeling like at home in the middle of the bush! Great kindness of the owners and extraordinary ceetah experience!

Kinahan, Jackie

21 Jul 2017

we loved this place because it was miles from anywhere. Hosts extremely helpful and friendly, good home cooking and cheetah experience was fabulous.

Monda, Dorte

14 Jun 2018

An amazing place. The owners are just fabulous and have created an original oasis. There love of the cheetah's is apparent. Very impressive, a must do.

Lorimer, Gillian

14 Sep 2010

Fantastic friendly service with clean, comfortable rooms and home-cooked meals from heaven! The wildlife being so close and accessible was the icing on the cake!

Klein Elisabeth

19 Sep 2017

An amazing save the cheetah Project! Nice Campsite and very nice Bungalows! Hi to Tolley an Roleen and thier children! You make us feel like home! And a very tasty kitchen!!!

Stassen, Lize

14 Jul 2017

Loved it. Like staying over with someone you know - owners are super friendly and provided amazing home- cooked meals. Experiencing the cheetahs close-up a wonderful experience!

Benedetta, Nicastro

7 Sep 2010

our second favourite for the special experience of being in a cheetah farm. the owners were very friendly and it was great to chat with them in the evening in front of a delicious dinner.

Wender, Elsa

14 May 2017

Very fun and informative experience with the farmers family ! Definitely recommended ! Campsite on the farm is also very nice with basic facilities but a beautiful steiing among the trees !

Solda, Matteo

6 Oct 2011

Feeding a cheetah is an unique experience.The owners were very friendly and it was great to chat with them in the evening in front of a delicious dinner (home-cooked meals).Beautiful accomodation!!

Donovan, Dennis & Patricia

28 Jul 2015

Just what we were hoping for. Accommodation was simple but adequate. Owners very friendly and helpful, home cooking for dinner was lovely. BUT the cheetah experience was fantastic, more than we hoped for.

Aswin, Andrea

1 Jun 2017

The food here was incredible. It tasted like a home-cooked holiday dinner. We loved petting the tame cheetahs and going out to feed the wild ones. Tollie, Roeleen, and their family have a great mission and we really respected what they are trying to do with the cheetah population.


Travelling from the south, fork left after Outjo towards Kamanjab on the C40. The turning for the Otjitotongwe Cheetah farm is 24km east of Kamanjab on the north side of the road.

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