Dolomite camp

Dolomite Camp is located in western Etosha National Park, near the Dolomietpunt waterhole. Guests can now stopover here which will break up their journey through the park. It is set on a large ridge which offers superb views of the going's on of the plains below. It was the first camp to be built on this side of Etosha, opening up a section of the park previously not accessible to mainstream tourists.

Wildlife here includes Hartmann's zebra which does not occur in the eastern section of the park. The surrounding vegetation of mainly karstveldt and mopane shrubland is different to the rest of Etosha Park. The unusual rock formations ensure that game drives are conducted in one of the park's most scenic locations. The dolomite hill setting of the camp, boasts hundreds of seasonally blooming plant species, a lure for botanists and photographers alike.

The closest entrance for Self-drive visitors to Etosha is through the western entrance 'Galton's Gate' (45km). The other restcamps located inside Etosha National Park are Okaukuejo Camp (180km from Dolomite Camp), Halali Camp (250km), Namutoni Camp (320km) and Onkoshi Camp (350km), these can now be reached using the Galton's gate but one must allow plenty of time to traverse the park (the speed limit is 60km/h and game viewing is plentiful).

The western section now open to the public measures approximately one-third of the total area of Etosha Park itself. Although the main wildlife spectacles occur in and around the waterholes and vegetation of the Etosha Pan, game viewing is also very good in this area. There are no fewer than 15 waterholes in the vicinity of Dolomite Camp (although unlike other sections of the park here the access roads to many of these waterholes are not clearly marked). The hilly and rocky terrain here also becomes a wildlife retreat for the entire park during the wet season.

Dolomite Camp is much smaller that the three more established camps in Etosha (Okaukuejo, Halali & Namutoni) and the emphasis here is on a more exclusive experience with a focus on personal service and smaller numbers. The staff are friendly and well trained and although the overall experience may not be as smooth as that offered by the privately owned lodges which surround Etosha.

On arriving at Dolomite Camp guests are required to park their vehicles in the parking area at the foot of the hill. From this area you, and your luggage, are then transported (by golf cart) up the hill to reception. From here you will be shown around the camp and to your room. As Dolomite Camp is an unfenced camp, guests are not allowed to walk around after dark, and a member of staff will escort you to and from your room (all rooms are equipped with a phone - which can be used to request an escort).

The camp's interior blends and harmonizes with the immediate environment. Facilities include a reception, guest lounge, fireside boma, laundry service, 2 x restaurant areas, swimming pool and secure parking. A fairly long and steep path from the bar and restaurant area leads to the accommodation, this distance and uneven surface can lead to issues for some older or less fit visitors (although golf carts are available to ferry people around the camp). There are 20 elevated thatched en-suite chalets, nestled amongst dolomite rocky outcrops. Privacy and dramatic panoramic landscape views are guaranteed.

Bush Chalets: 17 west-facing single or double chalets are equipped with 2 beds, lounge area and comfy chairs, mosquito net, tea/coffee station, in-room safe and a wardrobe. Savour spectacular sunset views. The east-facing chalets have similar facilities but with striking sunrise views.

Deluxe Chalets: The 3 Deluxe Chalets, a single and a double bed in each, are east-facing affording beautiful views at sunrise. They are equipped with similar facilities to the Bush Chalets with a private plunge pool.

Large herds of zebra, giraffe and antelope wander the plains around Dolomite Camp. Black and white rhino are present in numbers, often at Klip-pan waterhole. Previously endangered species such as the black rhino and black-faced impala have been successfully bred here. Wildlife excursions are conducted by professional and knowledgeable tour guides. Apart from the normal Etosha game viewing a special attraction of the Otjiovasondo area is the opportunity to see both the Plains Zebra and the Mountain Zebra drinking or grazing side by side and spotting the rare Sable Antelope.

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Guided Game Drives: Game viewing is offered in the parks own game drive vehicles.

Bird Watching: Hundreds of species have been recorded in the area. Photographers should relish the chance of adding to this list.

Eagle Tented Camp

Eagle Tented Camp

Value for money accommodation in a well designed tented camp.

Etosha Mountain Lodge - Natural Selection

Etosha Mountain Lodge - Natural Selection

Serene yetfull of character, the thatched chalets of Etosha Mountain Lodge are perched on a dolomite hill, offering panoramic views of the iconic namibian landscape with an abundance of big game and wildlife.

Etosha Oberland Lodge

Etosha Oberland Lodge

Etosha Oberland Lodge, at the southern entrance of EtoshaNational Park, combines luxury with a lot of privacy.

Etosha Safari Camp

Etosha Safari Camp

Taking on a legendary place and adding a whimsical-local flare – the Etosha Safari Camp embraces Shebeen Culture in everything it offers. Bright colours and humour form part of the language here. Indulge in the local music on offer every evening and embrace the shebeen-way of life. The whimsical character of the property extends into the chalets, with bright colours and quirky details. Located just ten kilometres from the Etosha National Park, guests can have close access to the wildlife within, as well as an authentically Namibian Cultural experience.

Etosha Safari Camping2Go

Etosha Safari Camping2Go

Combine an adventurous safari into Etosha National Park with a quiet barbeque evening at the campfire. Set atop a hill, the camping spots offer sweeping views over mopane forests. Each of the units is equipped to host four guests in comfortable beds, are en suite, and have fully functional kitchen ready for use. Exchange tranquillity for African beats when you go down to Oshebeena Bar offering live music in the evenings or lounge by the cool pool and sip a cocktail after a long day in the Etosha National Park. Combine the best of both worlds.

Etosha Safari Lodge

Etosha Safari Lodge

They say an elephant never forgets, neither will you Etosha is an experience of the heart and the soul as much as it is a unique natural wilderness. There is a rich depth to the region, and it can be experienced when seen through the eyes of the local people. Located just ten kilometres from the Anderrson Gate into the Etosha National Park, this lodge is the ideal location for a base. Along the crest of a Mopane Woodland Valley, the lodge and its viewing deck offer unparallel views of the area. Each room offers a private terrace for a personal experience. And guests can select one of three pools to cool off in after a long day of exploration in the National Park.

Etosha Village - Taleni Africa

Etosha Village - Taleni Africa

Situated only 2 km from the Andersson entrance gate to Etosha National Park, Etosha Village uniquely combines affordability with comfort, style and exquisite cuisine.



One of the five camps situated inside the park, generally less popular with visitors than Okaukuejo or Namutoni but has the advantage of a secluded quiet spot lit waterhole.

Hobatere Lodge

Hobatere Lodge

On the far western edge of the park, just outside the Galton Gate, this is an excellent location to explore Etosha, Damaraland and the remote Kaokoland area.

Little Ongava

Little Ongava

Luxury accommodation, each unit with private pool, great place to spoil yourself. Guided tours on private nature reserve and inside Etosha Park.

Olifantsrus Campsite

Olifantsrus Campsite

A brand new campsite inside Etosha Park. No accommodation is available here and this only caters for self-sufficient campers. A highlight of the camp is the unique hide which overlooks the camps waterhole.

Ongava Tented Camp

Ongava Tented Camp

On the same property as Ongava Lodge, but offering a more traditional tented safari style experience.

Safari House - Natural Selection

Safari House - Natural Selection


Safarihoek - Natural Selection

Safarihoek - Natural Selection


Toshari  Lodge

Toshari Lodge

Once called Etosha Gateway lodge this is a budget accommodation option which has recently been renovated.

Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

Bonifay, Denis

8 Jan 2012

Very nice location, new camp, stunning view, good services, good atmosphere. Definitely to recommend.

Kuenzle, Peter

31 Aug 2011

Perfect place to be. Great lodge and great staff. They make you feel good all day long. What a treat!

Hornemann, Manuel

12 Sep 2017

All the Ethosha camps were very modern and had some nice touches. Food was medium quality everywhere.


28 Jun 2014

Good position, good value, but a bit disorganised and long walks to chalets may be a problem for some.

Benocci, Massimo

21 Aug 2015

Good location. The room was very nice and intimate. Fantastic view from our room, good choice. Food ok

Pick, Liz

18 Jul 2015

gorgeous location. We loved this side of the park. Wish we'd skipped okaukejo and stayed here instead.

Munday, Katherine

19 Sep 2016

What a terrific location. Staff were super helpful and attentive. Meals were excellent. Can't fault it.

Bonnet, Jean-charles

21 May 2013

We did not regret to have a long way to get there because the view, the lodge, the staff are outstanding

Bok, Arnold

5 Aug 2012

Fantastic camp. New, clean, well designed with very friendly and helpful staff. hope they can keep this up!

Watson, Tara

26 Feb 2013

Loved it! By far our favorite stay. perhaps make it a little more clear that meals are included with booking

Hayden, Jack

25 Aug 2015

Love the remote location. Nice cabins, good restaurant. They could use a viewing platform for the waterhole.

Lewis, Barry

17 Jan 2013

Loved Dolomite! Such a stunning place. The staff were wonderful the food was great. We wish we had more time here.

Thompson, Andy

16 Aug 2015

A really special resort that is very different to the other Etosha camps. I wish I had booked more than one night.

Heijnen, Tom

18 Aug 2012

Excellent lodging, but for me the wildlife experience near Dolomite does not justify such an expensive accommodation.

Krahenbuhl, Claude

19 Aug 2014

A great place to enjoy for several days. Self game drive is probably better than the one provided by the lodge though...

Salerno, Diego

19 Oct 2011

fantastic lodge even if the waterholes are still under construction and no many animals are visibles. food was very good.

Kendle, Joseph

3 Oct 2011

Good, though the camp wasn`t officially opened when I stayed there. Good value for money compared to Okaukuejo and Halali

Spolidoro, Martine

30 May 2012

Camp is really beautiful, but not securised (not fenced). Morning drive far too expensive for what it is and they were late.

Smith, John

26 Nov 2011

Very special. Unique being unfenced. An excellent team of staff members offering friendly & personal service. Stunning location.

Kaplan, Sybil

24 Jan 2016

What a fabulous place! Loved everything about it. One of my favorite places and would have loved to have spent another night here.

Ware, Caity

29 Jul 2019

Dolomite is so wonderfully unique. The service, views, and amenities were impeccable. Definitely a place I'd love to return one day!

Mondot, Jm

17 Oct 2015

Good experience. The camp is very well situated and we enjoyed from the chalet a very good sight on the animals in the country round

Dorez, Dominique

21 Mar 2014

excellent location, rooms not very clean ,many things to fix in the room;average service.for safari:you have very few roads to drive.

Wood, Graeme

26 Nov 2015

Excellent cabins and facilities, we were lucky to be in a cabin partially overlooking the waterhole. Shame they do not do night drives.

Robinson, Colin

16 Dec 2017

Excellent lodge with great staff, food and wines, plus unexpected pool. Amazing views of the plain, but no viewable waterhole for night.

Mueller, Manfred

11 Dec 2011

A great break after a week of camping. We enjoyed out stay there, that bit of creature comfort (showers, beds, nice meals, etc. were great!)

Riffaud, Christiane

31 Jul 2011

They need a little more experience, however,the situation of the camp,on top of a hill is excellent. our chalet was very refined. Poor winelist.

Andric, Barbara

1 Nov 2016

of course the best camp we stayed in because it is so beautifully designed, tasty food, semi efficient staff but we would still go back any time

Davis, Simone

7 Nov 2012

Beautiful setting, one of my favourites but it said to be said, the service is not up to scratch. Enjoyed our room though and having a swim in the pool.

Hirt, Claire

30 Oct 2011

Lovely location. Were given the best room of the camp with view over the water hole. Staff very friendly and eager to please. (Maybe a little too much so)

Umbricht, Regula

14 Oct 2014

The best accomodation in Namibia. Absolutely stunning. We`d like to come back and then we would book more than one night. Animal watching from the balcony...

Gambrill, Mary

17 Oct 2016

What an amazing location! Fantastic. Looking down from our verandah as the zebras and elephants wandered over the plain was incredible. Sunrise from the bed!!

Dekkers, Gijs

19 Dec 2016

AMAZING. Location superb. swimming pool with a view was great. dinner and breakfast are okay. in the middle of Ethosa close to waterholes and a lot of animals.

Beales, Pat

25 Oct 2013

Great place for our first night in the etosha. Most unsuitable for those less able but loved the setting. Food was a bit far out but most enjoyable just the same.

Spark, Steve

9 Mar 2017

Another wonderful camp and setting. Would like to have spent another night here Max: I agree with Steve, would have liked to have gone on a night drive from here.

Dietrich, Daniel

7 Jun 2016

Wonderful setting. Buggy was broken down. Makes it hard for guests to bring luggage from cars. Have to have a back up vs just telling guests to only bring few items.

Larreta Garde, Veronique

23 Aug 2015

A great position, very comfortable chalets, kind staff, many animals all around. A ring on the parking could help to reduce the waiting time for a car to reach the lodge.

Gallan, Dave

23 Sep 2013

A really impressive site with wonderful facilities. Each hut has privacy and great views over the landscape. There was plenty of small wildlife on the rocks surrounding the hut.

Mylrea, Stephen

14 Jul 2015

Not the place to stay if you want to get out early and stay out late. The system of getting you to and from the car park is a bit flawed. Spectacular views from the rooms though.

De Bruycker, Siska

28 Apr 2013

Nice comfortable lodges with rather small sleeping part. Atmosphere not fantastic - 2 different dining parts. Service not at general level of other lodges ! We should not recommend.

Bergstad, Odd

17 Dec 2015

Special site and location. Service could be improved. Food average. The need for safe transport back an forth between reception/restairant and the individual cottages is cumbersome.

Colbourne, Simon

25 Nov 2011

Simply bliss. completely differnet location which felt truly wild. excellent and happy young team with good leadership. Staff more then happy to talk with clients and humour was shared.

Chaplin, Steve

30 Oct 2011

The only thing I could suggest (and it did not affect us) is that this camp could be difficult for someone very unfit or with a disability. It might be worth mentioning on your website.

Maudslay, Simon

18 Aug 2013

Brilliant location, sunrise from our lodge was fantastic. Manager needs to communicate animal sightings to guests more efficiently. Staff were friendly, my wife taught a few of them some ZUMBA moves !

Vickers, Stephen

21 Nov 2013

Excellent but think they could improve their way of collecting clients from the car park area, it is slightly hit and miss but worked OK for us. A telephone from the car pak to reception would be an idea.

Taylor, Dan

6 Oct 2015

Lovely camp and the only one inside Western Etosha. If you have not been before then you will love it. We have been before and thought it was starting to look a little bit tired. Food was very good this year.

Donovan, Dennis & Patricia

28 Jul 2015

Spectacular location, room was great with stunning views. However no flood lit waterhole like others which limited game viewing. Food OK, but not fantastic. We do not rate this as highly as other Etosha resorts.

Furuholm, Annika

29 Dec 2016

Lovely place to stay!! Service a bit slow and they seemed to be understaffed. Beautiful and very very nice. Could have stayed longer!! Breakfast ok but not fabulous. Dinner could improve. Most of the food was cold.

Wilkinson, Colin

30 May 2016

Dolomite (like Onkoshi) is a camp I've been to a couple of times - but not again. Don't like the dining rooms, or the steep walks to and from anything. I also prefer to park my car close to my room. Staff were friendly

Rawlins, Andrew

6 Sep 2013

Accommodation very good, staff friendly. Food good. Maintenance not good. A pity to see such a lovely new camp deteriorate so quickly as a result of poor maintenance. Smashed window in sliding door is a very bad advert.

Hacker Rochat Sylvie

10 Aug 2013

Beautiful location with excellent facilities except that our phone did not function. Excellent views of the surroundings from the lodges. The staff was among the best we met in Namibia - very professional and informative.

Mueller, Friedrich

9 Aug 2013

Nice bungalow, wonderful eastern view, easy walk to lodge, pool was a nice touch - more use in hot time of year, enjoyed viewing elephant, springbok, giraffe, birds, a honey badger from our deck, good service, fair pricing

Verheij, Felix

13 Nov 2013

Magnificent place, a true gem. If we had known this lodge would be this great, we would have booked for at least a couple of nights. Very friendly staff, beautiful view on either side of the hills and extremely comfortable beds. Rating: 10/10.

Le Foll Forchino, Pascale

24 Jan 2017

It's a pity to see a such beautiful camp with no managing, not enought staff, a lot of things brooken, the room not cleaned (only the bed was dressed) and the reservation for a game drive, cancelled 5 minutes before without any excuse or explain.

Pollard, David

11 Dec 2015

Now THIS is the way it should be. Beautiful location, facilities and professional & friendly staff that seems genuinely interested in their guest. NWR could use this as a model for all of their facilities as it easily competes with private lodges.

Whittingham, David

29 Oct 2016

Lovely setting, pity there is no view of the waterhole from the camp - other than from chalet 13 (I think!). Food was ok, pool area very pretty and well maintained, cabin quite small with 4 of us (2 children) but a nice break from camping for one night

Ochoa, Silvia

23 Sep 2012

There are no words to describe the wonderful expedience we had in all respects. It is a very exquisit place. Worth to stay at. And the advise of the Camp Deputy Manager was instrumental for the successful visits of the best Waterholes on the way to Okakuejo this day.

Sincup, John

3 Jun 2013

A lovely lodge. We managed to get chalet 14 (with the help of Hilary of Kunene River Lodge). It gave a good view of the waterhole that attracted many animals including a black rhino and a troop of baboons. Food, room, facilities and service were good and staff helpful.

Naylor, Ian

20 Jul 2012

Excellent new camp. Very smart, great staff and excellent food. Don`t go to the waterholes between the camp and the Galton gate they are closed and you will waste a day. Elsewhere the animals are more jumpy than in the east but there are plenty of them and you have them more or less to yourself

Drebel, Catherine

8 Dec 2011

Super, The manager an his staff welcomed us very well. They always tried to give us satisfactions faced to our deception of not seing many animals during 2 game drives with their guide. They proposed to us, for the second night, one of the best chalet in front of the water hole and it was great.

Yeomans, Susan

5 Jul 2015

A beautiful camp - with stunning views from our chalet (no 13). It was good to experience the "other" side of Etosha. The one downside was the distance (and amount of uphill climbs) to keep from both the car park and chalet to reception (interesting when carrying about 10 kilos of photograph kit)


Dolomite camp is situated 180km from Okaukeujo, approx 4hours drive. Access to the camp is also available through the Galton Gate, from where it is approximately 45km. NB There is no fuel availbable at or near Dolomite Camp

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