Okarohombo camp

This magnificent camp is situated on the banks of the Kunene river in the Marienfluss Valley of Namibia's Kaokoland. Set on the banks of the Kunene River, at the head of the Marienfluss Valley, in a remote area of breathtaking natural beauty populated by the local Himba people.”

Why visit Okarohombo Campsite?

When you get to this remote corner of Namibia, the Marienfluss Valley, you will know why you made the effort as you stand on the banks of the Kunene River and watch as it flows through fantastic desert scenery
Stay in an area where the local Himba population has lived for hundreds of years, adapting their lifestyle to the harsh environment

What facilities are available?

Five secluded campsites (3/4 tents each) with shade from large trees, braai area, water tap and adjacent flush toilets and showers


Camping N$ 25-00 per person per night


Access to the Marienfluss Valley is by 4x4 only
Firewood is in very short supply - please bring your own or cook with gas
There are Nile Crocodiles in the Kunene River - you are advised to exercise extreme care!

Where is it?

In the Marienfluss Valley, on the banks of the Kunene river in the far north-west of Kunene. Approx. 230 km from Opuwo.

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How do I get there? Approaching from the south east follow the road (D3703 gravel) from Opuwo to Otjitanda. At Otjitanda turn left towards Van Zyl's Pass. Descend the pass and follow the road into the Marienfluss Valley. The campsite is adjacent to the Kunene river. Look out for the signposts. Van Zyl's Pass is accessed by 4 x 4 only. Note: the Van Zyl's Pass should be negotiated with extreme care! An alternative route used by more tourists (also 4x4 but less difficult than Van Zyl's Pass) is via Sesfontein - Purros (D3707 gravel) - Orupembe - Otjihaa - „Red Drum” - Marienfluss.


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