Terrace bay

Terrace Bay is situated in the Skeleton Coast Park in north-west Namibia. It is around 5 hours drive north of the town of Swakopmund. As it is the only accommodation inside the Skeleton Coastpark, it can attract a decent amount of tourists, mainly because there is nowhere else to stay.

This is a destination for the angling crowd. It's a remote(and barren) location, but the chances of catching a variety of fish here are excellent, offering the bestangling on Namibia's coastline. Fishing permits are essential by law, and anglers must read the Fishing Act to know how many, and what sort of fish they can catch, how they can transport them home, and in what form. Filleting is not allowed and anglers must bring their own tackle.

Some visitors to the area use Terrace Bay as a point to explore the Uniab River Delta, a great destination for hiking, bird watching, game viewing and dunes. Walking along the beach is also very popular, and probably the only other activity visitors can do here.

Terrace Bay has 2 shops. One for the staff and one for tourists. The tourist shop has Terrace Bay branded T-shirts and shirts, some fishing equipment, a small selection of groceries, beers, ciders and wines. There is a clinic for employees and tourists alike, staffed by a resident nurse. Children are 'more than welcome' to stay here.

The dining room serves a variety of meals, all from a set menu. Wine and beer can also be ordered.

Accommodation is in 20 double rooms and a beach chalet. Power to the resort is supplied by generator.

Double Rooms: Each unit has twin beds, an en-suite shower and toilet, a fridge and a tea/coffee station.

Beach Chalet: The Beach Chalet is for groups or families of between 3 and 10 guests. The facilities are similar to the Double Rooms

There is around 30 people employed here, and it's children are educated in the local Sam Nujoma Primary School.

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Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.

Davis, Simone

7 Nov 2012

Terrace bay was great! Clean and spacious rooms. The restaurant was really good! A good experience overall.


11 Jun 2016

Excellent location, comfortable room, though the restaurant was very basic. We really enjoyed our time there though.

Eckl, Katja

30 Sep 2011

Best of all NWR camps (we visited). Very cosy atmosphere. Good food, simple, but nice rooms. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Gonnet, Lisa

4 Jul 2013

we made an error to go to terrace bay it was not interesting for us, the food was good and the staff ok but the room a little bit old

Beekman, Madeleine

9 Mar 2010

As I was told, Terrace Bay indeed mainly caters for fisherman but we still had a lovely 2 days there. Partly because the people were so nice.

Spark, Steve

9 Mar 2017

I really enjoued this camp - very remote and the opportunity to mix with local people. We also enjoued the informality of the restaurant/bar area.

Du Plessis, Freddie

3 Oct 2013

We have enjoyend Terrace Bay and the accommodation was very good, Erika handled my request very professional and thank you for assisting to arrange payments.

Sutcliffe, Paul

22 Dec 2013

Very remote and very atmospheric. Basic accommodation, but that didn`t matter. The drive there and staff in the office and restaurant made it all worth while.

Adair, Brain

16 Oct 2009

What an experience! So different from anywhere else we stayed. Comfortable, clean accommodation. Staff are so friendly and helpful and the seafood is magnificent.

Burns, Annie

19 Oct 2014

Dreadful. Would have liked more info about the sort of area and place this was although I agree that I asked for this to be included from my own travel book reading

Saunders, Lesley

28 Nov 2013

This place is extraordinary - felt like a moon base camp which gave an extra excitement. Again staff were lovely, music was great, restaurant good, room really spacious

Groves, Craig

8 Jun 2013

this place is very run down. It is the only place we stayed in Namibia that was not clean. Compared to any place else we stayed, we would rate Terrace Bay accomodations quite low.

Pollard, David

11 Dec 2015

Kind of what we expected, so no big surprises. The staff was surprisingly friendly and helpful although the facilities are verging on the sad to dilapidated. A big renovation is long-overdue.

King, Barbara

15 Jul 2013

I loved Terrace Bay, it was one of the highlights of the trip as we saw so much landscape. The people at the park gate and at the camp were very hospitable and friendly. Well worth the miles.

Roiter, Lorella

9 Feb 2015

The facility is old and a bit overlooked but, considering the remote location, I didn't expect more. The restaurant is simple but ok, we ate a superb fish! Breakfast is poor and should be improved.

Ricca, Paolo

28 Sep 2014

The coast was spectacular, but the lodge itself quite `abandoned`. Yes, it gave an end-of-the-world feeling, and I understand there`s no other option, but maybe it`\'s too expensive for what it gives.

Rwambuya, Soila

12 Sep 2011

I think we could have used your advise and knowledge here... I would only recommend Terrace Bay during the summer months unless you're into fishing. Foggy, damp.... Beautiful place but we missed the SUN!


17 Nov 2015

Somewhat run down but considering the place you are and its isolation it's absolutely fine. the restaurant food is very good, though a bit spoilt by drunk fishermen being among the diners the night we stayed - entertaining none the less.

Howard, Jenny

26 Aug 2016

We loved terrace bay - yes the accommodation was basic (but we were warned about that before we arrived)and smelt a bit damp - but it was adequate and clean. The people were great - and very welcoming after a long drive. Super restaurant.

Rey Pubhoo, Marielle

28 Aug 2013

Many places of interest on the skeleton coast. Magic place. Employees of terrace Bay Resort are very nice and helpful. The quality of the restaurant is good (fresh products in the middle of nowhere!!!). Special award for Terrace Bay resort.

Stefanazzi, Ilaria

9 Jun 2014

Terrace bay is an enchanted world!!!It's magic, indescrivible!!!There wewre many fog, it seems a "ghost" town or an abandoned city!!! The restaurant is very particular, all the wall it's writtened by the peole who staid here...it's a crazy place!!Very particular end interestind...we liked it!

Bergstrom, Bo

29 May 2014

Adequate place to stay! Very special atmosphere. Friendly and service minded personnel. Lots of burly partying fisherman :-). The landscape is extraordinary. We were allowed to drive up to Mowe Bay, which was a treat. Much better road than we expected. We saw a small flock of Damara terns :-)


Terrace Bay is situated in the Skeleton Coast Park

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