Frans indongo lodge

Frans Indongo Lodge is situated in the proximity of Waterberg Plateau Park, 44kms from Otjiwarongo. This is an ideal stopover between Etosha National Park, and Windhoek, and one of the most popular lodges in the viciinty of the Waterberg.

The lodge is situated on a large 17,000ha game farm which boasts an abundance of wild animals, including white and black rhino, black wildebeest and hartebeest. Walking trails have been laid out through the bush savannah several of these lead onto a hill with a magnificent look-out point.

The lodge complex has been modeled on traditional Ovambo homes, and inside the complex a palisade separates the restaurant and swimming pool area, from the guest chalets. A variety of local building materials, such as natural stone, wood and reed were used for the houses. Items of daily use - earthen pots, large storage baskets, and original wooden figures - serve as a reminder of the decoration used in the traditional Ovambo home, emphasizing the African theme.

Guests are welcome to enjoy an after dinner drink in the restaurant or thatched lounge where they will find comfortable armchairs and plump cushions. The inviting fireplace also doubles up as a meeting place, to share many a Namibian bush experience.

The Frans Indongo Lodge terrace is a perfect place to quench your thirst or watch the game coming to drink at the waterhole. It's wooden flooring and railings blend into the natural environment, and as it borders directly on the lodge's game area, oryx, black springbok, black wildebeest, eland and nyala are frequent visitors. The large wooden verandah at the bar, and the small observation tower are both fabulous places for watching the sun set and for observing the spotlit waterhole. Guests can take a dip, sunbathe, or relax in and around the large swimming pool, complete with shady umbrella's and sun loungers.

Their gourmet kitchen can serve up a variety of venison dishes, served with fresh farm vegetables and salads, seasoned with aromatic ingredients, grown in their very own herb garden.

The luxurious character of the lodge continues into the accommodation. There are:

Chalets: 8 large chalets are equipped with an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, fridge, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, an electric kettle and a tea/coffee station.

Double Rooms: There are 2 double rooms with similar facilities to the chalets.

Family Rooms: The 2 Family Rooms are for 2 adults and 1 child or 2 adults and 2 children. The facilities are similar to the chalets.

Activities include a game drive in an off-road vehicle, which offers plenty of opportunities to view and photograph the animals. There are 3 different walking trails to explore, with varying degrees of length and difficulty. Climbing the hilltop is well worth the effort, as the views stretch right across to the Waterberg. A botanist has taken the trouble to number many typical trees and shrubs, to be found along the way.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund Information Centre, (CCFIC) offers data and education on the natural habitat of the cheetah in the wild. The fastest animal on the planet has become a highly endangered species, and as they can no longer can be released into the wild, they are kept in large enclosures next to the centre. On certain days, visitors are also welcome to watch cheetah running at full speed during their sprint-training.

The Vulture Restaurant has been set up for observing and studying the endangered Cape Vulture.

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Game drives: Frans Indongo Lodge is situated in the heart of a 17.000 hectare (170 square kilometers) farm in the bush savannah. Only a small part of the farm is still utilised for agricultural purposes. The focus now is on caring for the game. Apart from Gemsbok, Zebra, Kudu and Springbok there are also rarer species like Eland, Sable and Roan Antelope, Impala and Black Wildebeest, as well as White and Black Rhino. A game drive in an open off-road vehicle (about two hours) offers plenty of opportunity to watch the animals and take pictures.

Walking Trails: Those who like to go exploring on foot, have three trails of differing length (1.5 to 4 hours) to choose from. Quite often antelope will cross your path. The effort of climbing the hilltop is rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of the vast bush savannah plains right across to Waterberg. Furthermore, there is much to learn about trees on the wayside. A botanist has numbered many typical trees and shrubs according to the 'Pocket List of Southern African Indigenous Trees'. These are standard numbers, used in any good guidebook on plants, so that you can read up on any tree or shrub bearing a number.

Cheetah Conservation Fund: The natural habitat of Cheetah in the wild has shrunk dramatically all over the world. Thus the fastest terrestrial animal on the planet has become a highly endangered species. With about 2,500 animals, Namibia boasts the largest Cheetah population on earth. In order to protect Cheetah in Namibia, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) was founded in 1990.The CCF information centre is as entertaining as instructive and definitely worthwhile. Cheetah which no longer can be released into the wilds for various reasons, are kept in large enclosures next to the centre. You will be able to take stunning pictures of the big cats. On certain days visitors are also welcome to watch Cheetah at full speed during their sprint-training.

Vulture Restaurant: The Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST), established in 2000, is mainly concerned with protecting the Cape vulture which is an endangered species in Namibia. Once there were seven colonies of about 2,000 birds in the country. Now, only one colony of eleven Cape vultures remains in the cliffs of Waterberg. For observing and studying the birds, REST set up a vulture restaurant with an observation screen. Carrion is regularly laid out at the restaurant, which does attract Cape vultures and hundreds of White-backed and Lappet-faced vultures.The screen is very suitable for taking good pictures. Visitors can also get acquainted with Nelson, a flightless vulture which is kept in a large aviary. A host of interesting facts about these useful scavengers can be learnt at REST's research and study centre.

Waterberg Plateau: Thanks to rich springs, the eastern cliffs of 'Water Mountain' are characterised by an almost subtropical abundance of flora. The plateau of this table mountain was proclaimed a nature reserve in 1972. Animal species in need of protection - such as Sable Antelope, Buffalo and Rhino - were resettled there. Furthermore, Rüppell's parrot and other rare types of birds can be spotted. From the semi-state rest camp a path leads up to the rocks at the edge of the plateau where Rock Hyrax and Klipspringer are found. The historic police station now houses a restaurant with numerous pictures from the olden days.

OvaHerero cultural centre: Farm Hamakari is situated east of Waterberg, close to the little town of Okakarara. At Hamakari OvaHerero fighters suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of German troops in 1904. At the historic site a cultural and tourism centre is now being established, which will house an exhibition on the history and culture of the Ovaherero people; local arts and crafts will also be sold there.

Aloe Grove Safari Lodge

Aloe Grove Safari Lodge

A small, private safari lodge north of Otjiwarongo.

Babson House @ Cheetah Conservation Fund

Babson House @ Cheetah Conservation Fund

Lodging located on the property used by the Heetah Conservation Fund, this is an excellent option if you want to learn about cheetah conservation.

C'est Si Bon Hotel

C'est Si Bon Hotel

Mid-sized hotel in Otjiwarongo offering both lodge & hotel style accommodation. All the usual facilities including a pool, air-conditioned rooms and a restaurant.

Mount Etjo Lodge

Mount Etjo Lodge

One of the oldest lodges in Namibia, Mount Etjo has seen several historic events including the signing of an agreement pivotal to Namibia gaining independence. Still offers good quality accommodation and game drives.

Okonjima Bush Suite

Okonjima Bush Suite

A private two bed room suite, comes complete with own swimming pool, lounge and kitchen. Private chef and meals can be arranged or guests can visit Bush Camp.

Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp

Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp

Without a doubt one of the best lodges in Namibia, add leopard and cheetah viewing to stunning accommodation and well prepared meals and this place is a complete winner.

Okonjima Plains Camp

Okonjima Plains Camp

The 'entry level' camp at Okonjima offers all the same great cats experiences as the other lodges in the portfolio. A one of a type not to be missed Namibian experience.

Okonjima Villa

Okonjima Villa

Large private complex, includes all modern luxuries. Enjoyed by international movie stars and corporate moguls - but available to any group wanting to stay!

Otjiwa Safari Lodge

Otjiwa Safari Lodge

A variety of accommodation options - ranging from large self-catering villas to double rooms. Just a few kilometers south of Otjiwarongo.

Waterberg Guest Farm

Waterberg Guest Farm

Small 8 room guest farm with an emphasis on conserving the natural eco-systems

Waterberg Rest Camp

Waterberg Rest Camp

The NWR run camp situated on the slopes of the plateau. Fairly standard and slightly overpriced accommodation, the old police station which has been converted to a restaurant is a scenic (if not taste) highlight.

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

Excellent choice for walking and visiting the highlights of the area

Waterberg Wilderness Plateau Lodge

Waterberg Wilderness Plateau Lodge

On the same property aw the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge but situated higher up the mountain offering excellent views.

Traveller Reviews

These are honest reviews, both good and bad, from our travellers who visited this property.


15 Feb 2016

Our first stop in Namibia. The Chalets were nice and clean, the food was quite good - but not the best

Green, Richard

23 Mar 2010

A pleasant stop on the drive back to Windhoek. The decking area, lit by lanterns at night, was lovely.

Kessler, James

9 Jan 2016

A lovely starting point for my Namibian adventure. Some of the best service I had on on the whole trip.

Neuvecelle, Didier

30 Jul 2012

Excellent value for this nice place with special animals. It was a good place to say goodbye to the bush

Yeomans, Susan

5 Jul 2015

A good stopover destination but quite far from the airport after almost a 24 hour journey to get to Namibia


30 Aug 2014

The best of the lot. Excellent food. Game drive fantastic. The driver did not give up until we saw the Rhinos.


8 Aug 2012

High level of confort. Very professional service and staff. Fine cooked meal. One of our best place in Namibia.


9 Oct 2009

Excellent service from staff, very welcoming, the lodge is of a very high standard and the rooms a very pretty.

Frey, Michael

1 Apr 2013

Nice lodge for our first night in Namibia. A plus was the ability to do some shorter hikes right from the lodge.

Mcgrath, Catherine

14 Jan 2015

Ok as a stop over. Next time we would stay in the park another day and do the whole drive to Windhoek in one day.

Rutz, Lotta

28 Apr 2011

Beautiful lodge with friendly staff. Unfortunately we were too tired after the journey to fully enjoy everything.

Mccarthy, Peter

12 Sep 2009

We arrived late and left early, but this place was extremely clean and food very good, service fine and well organised.


9 Jun 2015

Lovely place. Accommodation outstanding, food excellent, staff attentive and very much 'on the ball". Highly recommended.

Jaburg, Frank

27 Oct 2013

Very beautiful lodge. However frogs made it impossible to sleep in the night. It`s a question why frogs have to be in a lodge!!


27 Aug 2017

This Lodge was really nice, the best of our trip: Very nice location, food very good and close to CCF which was really convenient

Lavizzari, Guido

7 Jul 2013

The best of entire journey. Quality of service and qualiti of meal, staff is superlative. This is `the`example how to manage a Lodge. Simply the best

Wilkinson, Colin

23 Feb 2015

A perfect camp- especially after Onkoshi!! Everything worked the way it should, the staff were friendly and the meals were very good. Highly recommended

Solda, Matteo

6 Oct 2011

Perfect stop between Windhoek and Etosha,the lodge is a very high standard, dinner and breakfast were wonderful. One of the best stop in our namibia tour!

Thorson, Chris

10 Nov 2016

A good stop on the way to Etosha. Great facility that gets you into the sfari feel. Road is very bumpy, food and room was great. Could have stayed two days


19 Oct 2014

Charming place. Rooms and architecture +++. Welcome OK; Very good food. Worth 1 night (or two if you need to relax there). Cheetah conservation fund is a must.

Jones, Alun

29 May 2013

Perfectly adequate, but would have preferred somewhere a bit more luxurious. Whilst our room was quite comfortable, the bathroom although clean was showing its age.

Morino, Meredith

8 Jan 2018

The service, food and setting of this lodge was spectacular. I would recommend this hotel. The staff seemed to really care at this lodge. THe sundowner drive was excellent.

Loughran, Joe

4 Jun 2010

Nice lodge as a stopover between Windhoek and points north, like Etosha. Very well kept facilities, delicious food, helpful staff and nice locations. Would stay there again.

Mangini, Valeria

26 Sep 2011

As our first contact with Africa it was really amazing. Nicest staff, very very nice room. Dinner was the best we had in Namibia. Sunset game drive was nice, we saw our first white rhinos!!!

Rateaver, Andrew

15 Jul 2012

Wonderful place with excellent guest huts and surrounding ammenities. Be sure to use the observation tower. Also, there is nearby hiking here on trails that are easy to navigate without a guide.

Wilson, Vanda

14 Apr 2015

Clean fresh chalet, and good food and really helpful hosts, although we thought it just a stop over after vingerklip a little plain. Unfortunately we missed the rhinos because of rain, only rain we had, shame.

Croukamp, Carmel

7 Dec 2016

Really nice lodge, great staff, everything wonderful, but your main view is over an enclosure with exotic and Caprivi antelopes which was just weird. We used it as a base to go to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Taylor, Dan

6 Oct 2015

Nice lodge and well located for visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund. The game drives at the lodge are limited in what you will actually see due to dense bush. Like most game drives, a bit of luck is involved.


6 Jan 2015

We should have had longer here to explore the area but this is a really fantastic place to stay. Immaculate grounds, comfortable accommodation, lovely food and one of the most interesting wine lists I came across in Namibia.


14 Oct 2015

Beautiful place. Glad we stayed 2 nights. went to the Cheetah Conservation it was excellent. A Japanese film crew were filming round the pool with drones etc which spilt the peace a bit. The food, service and room were excellent.

Wilkinson, Colin

30 May 2016

Rooms very good. Staff also very polite and friendly. Drawback is the food. Instead of concentrating on good tasty wholesome food they try to be too stylish and fancy. Too much game on the menu. Have stayed here before and will again.

Walker, Valerie

1 Oct 2013

We found Frans Indongo Lodge to be excellent both in the standard of accommodation and the cuisine, which was first class. The staff were all helpful and friendly. The costs for such an excellent standard of service were very good value

Nixon, Derek

28 Dec 2011

Our second favorite lodge. If we could have done it all over again, we would have stayed one night in Swakopmund and an extra day adjusting to jet-lag and taking it easy here or having an extra day at Etusis rather than two in Windhoek.

Pasquali, Maurizio

10 Sep 2009

beautiful, very polite and 5 stars level food position 8/10 restaurant 10/10 simply great! a restaurant at this level of quality in Italy would cost 3 or 4 times the cost we paid cleanliness of the rooms 9/10 comfort 8/10 politness 9/10

Mitchener, Nick

9 Sep 2009

This was our first night and it was well worth the journey and the late arrival. Everything about it set us up for what proved to be a fantastic holiday, and it was probably the sheer quality of the place that made us more critical of Onguma.

Smith, Linda

7 May 2013

An efficiently run lodge,in a lovely farm setting. Sundowners watching the animals grazing was super. Food very good, if a little pretentiously presented ......silver dome on your breakfast omelette... but this doesn`t really detract from the overall ambience.

Rowden, Virginia

11 Jun 2011

Amazing. I planned to drive direct from Oshikuku to Windhoek, but Audrey advised a stop mid-way. Very glad she did. My only regret is that we arrived very late (after dark) and did not take advantage of the game drive. If we travel again, we`ll stay here 2 nights.

Sincup, John

3 Jun 2013

Used it only as a stage post to continue north. The lodge served its purpose well with good rooms, service and meals. However, in hindsight we should have spent two nights in a lodge closer to the Waterberg plateau as Frans Indongo was too far out to enable a visit.

Coventry, Nicol

2 May 2012

More of a resort feel than Desert Homestead - very pleasant surrounds, lovely gardens. Enjoyed afternoon Game Drive with very determined guide who miraculously found us a family of Rhino just as the last moments of daylight were fading. Food, wine and service great.

Jackson, Stanley

9 Sep 2009

This lodge is truly one of the best we stayed in. Again, this was really just a transit stop for us be we would love to have had a couple of days there. The chalet is extremely nice and the dining area is a treat in itself with the wonderful food only making it better.

Shackley, Myra

23 Nov 2011

An excellent choice for our last 2 nights. Beautiful place, magnificent food, lovely room and splendid service. Our only reservation was that dinner started quite late (8pm) because of the evening game drive. Highly recommended as a place to chill out before returning to Windhoek.

Oldham, Erica

11 Feb 2012

nice place with very well thought out and functional wheelchair accessible room. viewing platform great. food presentation great. need to get rid of the televisions, please we are not in Namibia for tv. they need to make pool area accessible. staff very nice. second best place we stayed


To find Frans Indongo Lodge head 26km north of Otjiwarongo towards Otavi, turn right onto the D2433 and the lodge is around 18km along this road

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